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  1. Never heard of mewe, but that's definitely sound advice.
  2. Sooo I apologize in advance if this rifle as been posted before, but I tried searching for it and found nothing. I have been without an AR for roughly two years. I thought I was moving out of state and sold my Daniel Defense to another member on this forum (hope its serving you well Lambo). However due to some new employment opportunities, I am here to stay. That being said, I am itching to get back to training and taking some carbine classes again. I am by no means new to the AR platform. However it looks like some of the "cheaper" ARs for sale are starting to offer a lot more bang for the buck. I am a firm believer that you don't need a $2,000 rifle to shoot well, so don't worry this thread isn't going the way of "whats better". I am sure everyone here is familiar with the Smith and Wesson M&P Sport II. However, I looking more towards their new or newish Mid Length rifle for sale on Buds for roughly $1,000 and I think S&W is still running their $75.00 rebate. Which really peaks my interest. The only criteria I have for this rifle is can it take some abuse and can it engage 300 yard targets (pretty simple stuff). I think this is a great deal for a mid length AR. Also I'd rather spend money else where ie optics, ammo, training. Maybe a rail or something as time goes on, but this configuration works just fine for me. The only issue I have is it doesn't seem like anyone really has any encounters with this specific one. Also it seems Smith ARs have been catching flack for having the right specs but poor quality/component material on the big AR forums. About 90% of me thinks many of these guys have more words per minute on the keyboard then rounds down range, but I figured I'd tap into my local community of shooters to see if I can get some opinions closer to home, in terms of quality. The link for the rifle is posted below. Thanks All https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/80161
  3. All depends on what your intentions are. If you just going to the local range and hanging a target 25 to 50 yards in front of you or home defense I'd go with something on the cheaper side. Examples would be stag arms, rock river, dpms, S&W M&Ps. Your into those rifles at $800 or less and allows you to spend money elsewhere such as ammo, training, etc. If you want something higher end I'd go with Daniel Defense, BCM, POF, something along those lines. Working as an RSO, I've never seen ARs go down to the point where a part swap or just some cleaning can't fix. Just be happy with whatever you buy and realize you can always upgrade it as time goes on. You'll learn more about what you want out of your rifle. I hate to be cliche but they're like barbies for men.
  4. That makes a lot of sense because I saw nothing new there. I used to get dog food at that location. Its a pretty big facility.
  5. I live right off Route 22E in Springfield. I've seen lots of construction next to the Costco however, I haven't seen or heard anything about a shooting range. I'll drive by tomorrow and see if I see any signs. If I see anything definitive I'll post it tomorrow.
  6. I don't personally own one however, I have seen several at the range I belong to and the owners have had good things to say about them. They also brought up their worries of the finishing issues on the barrels as mentioned by the AK Operator's Union in one of their videos. However I personally haven't seen any strange wear or bubbling on the ones I've seen. That being said, I have zero clue how many rounds they've put through it. I personally am thinking of selling my C39V2 for one.
  7. I feel like the AK and AR market have totally flip flopped. It seems like every day I'm seeing more and more decent ARs going for like $500.00 and $900.00 while WASRS are creeping closer and closer to $800 or $900 and VEPRS are popping up all over the place for $1,300 plus. They're great rifles but $1,300 plus... come on already.
  8. Check out sons of liberty gun works. They have stuff for all different budgets. Options for in depthcustomization suchas as vltor buffers, any muzzle break you want and loads of different triggers. Also Cerakoting, laser engraving, plus a lifetime warranty.
  9. Gshock mudman. That's all you need and is less then a 100 bucks. Mine is still ticking after 5 years in the infantry and a deployment. Word of advice go cheap it's going to get beat up or lost at some point.
  10. Nothing but good experiences with the Century Arms c39v2. They run for $800 to $900 and are American made as well. Luciano's in Lodi had some about week ago. WASRs are not bad choices either especially for the price. You just need to be sure the sights are properly aligned and check for internal damage. AK Operators Union on YouTube is a great source of information and tests on various AKMs. I hope this post helps. P.S. Gun For Hire in Woodland Park have a few models to rent as well.
  11. I got mine from RTSP. I can't say enough good things about the staff and the way they do business there.
  12. Very well done, love the od green. I'm getting pretty tired of seeing nothing but black and tan rifles.
  13. The one on 22 east had some in stock when I was there today getting my fishing license.
  14. Welcome from berkeley heights!
  15. Totally on board but the only flaw is it's the American way to fight someone to death to prove your right even though you know they have to dead to rights. These guys will never change their minds propaganda is their national pass-time.
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