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  1. Correction The match is in Bridgeville Gun Club Delaware September 7th. I’ve shot this match before at Cherry Ridge before. The match was prone. The drop is a known factor. If you have a good zero the ballistics and drop can be found. The match is far for me but I’ll try to be there.
  2. Somewhere in NJ there is a club that hats going to run a 200 yd .22lr shooting match but I don’t remember where. Anyone have a idea who?
  3. I'm newly retired and living in Toms River. looking for Turkey shoots in Toms river, Barnegat, Jackson area. They are usually at VFWs , American Legeons, volenteer firehouses.
  4. Looking for Turkey or Card shoots in my area. Toms River Jackson, Ocean County
  5. Moved down to Toms River area, looking to shoot bullseye and other pistol matches. Are there any going on In Ocean or Monmouth Co. Formerly competed Suburban Pistol League, Springfield NJ
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