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  1. Wow, you may be right, but the reason they told me before they went out of business was that the building owner wanted to use the land for something else & did not renew their lease. At least I still have my USP 45 full size. I need to get it out & bring it with me the next time I go to G S S C.
  2. One of my favorite local gun shops that had a good indoor range was Hillsborough Outdoor Shooting Center.. I bought my H&K USP 45 there in June 2000. It closed in 2004. I would go to Ray's occasionally after that, at least a few times. Finally I decided to join the old Brick Armory range when Phil moved to Lakewood. I am still a member at the Garden State Shooting Center because they did an extremely good job completely renovating the old B A & made great improvements to the range. I am going to keep going to G S S C as often as possible to shoot a few of my different handguns, as I really do like everything about the store & range.
  3. Not sure if the 40 cal is on life support or not, but I know that I really do like my Glock 23, Sig 229 (non rail), & S&W M&P 40 Pro Series. They are all really great guns to shoot at the local indoor range, using FMJ target shooting ammo.
  4. Thank you! That is an excellent idea that I never even considered. If I do decide to sell any of my handguns, I will certainly list them for sale here on the forums. Although, as my user name will imply, I will never sell my Bren Ten Standard Model. That is the prize of my small collection of handguns.
  5. Thank you very much for that link. I have been considering the possibility of putting one, or more of my legally purchased & possessed handguns in this miserable state on consignment at my local gun store. I guess that I will not be doing that, but instead maybe try to sell them by letting any friends & co-workers know what I have & am interested in selling. If I should find an interested buyer, I will do a person to person transaction when they provide my a Permit to Purchase a handgun issued by their local PD, and their FID card. Thanks again for your link to the ATF website.
  6. My 226 Legion is still new, unfired in the case. The original finish on it does look to be very good. I just have to make some time to get to my favorite indoor range & put about 100-200 rounds through it. I bought the DA/SA version that just happened to be in stock the one day I was looking around the store. A 2nd permit I had to use after the Legion was on a CZ 75 compact, in 99% new condition. The original owner only put about 100 rounds through it, & decided to sell it. It is the blued finish, & came with 2 14 shot mags.
  7. I never let any permits expire, since I go through the "process" of applying for them. Back in Dec 2012, soon after Pres. Obama was re-elected, I put in for 2 permits. I knew that I wanted to get some variation of the S&W M&P 40. I actually found a 40 Pro Series with the 5" barrel & fiber optic front sight. I put a deposit on it at the gun store, & waited to get my permits. I got them in Jan 2013, when the extreme panic buying was setting in, & went to the store to pay the balance & do the NICS check. It took about 1 week for the check to come back. I then looked around for something to buy with the 2nd permit, not sure what I really wanted. At another gun store, I found a new Glock 19 Gen 4, for a very good price, so I decided to get it, since I already had a 23, 40 cal. I figured that you cannot go wrong to have a Glock 19 in your collection, for a great, & extremely reliable 9mm pistol for indoor range use. I still have both of these guns & really do like them a lot.
  8. If you are looking at some good 5" barrel long slide pistols, have you considered the S&W M&P Pro Series in 9mm & 40 cal. I have a pro series 40 cal, & I really like it a lot. Another good choice might be the FN America FNS long slide series, also in both 9 & 40. I have looked at them numerous times, but have not gotten around to buying one yet. My last permit went for a Sig Sauer 226 legion 9mm, in May. The permit took exactly 1 month for turning in the application, until issue. Not too bad. No plans to apply for any more permits for a while.
  9. Not sure how far north you might be willing to travel up to "Central" NJ, but my favorite LGS is a very small, but really great place called Garden State Armory, in Warren Township (Somerset Co.). Not to be confused with Garden State Shooting Center. G S Armory is definitely very small, but they have a really outstanding selection of handguns. I just purchased 2 guns from them the other day, including a Sig Sauer P 226 Legion 9mm, and a CZ 75 Compact 9 mm. Both of the prices were very good, esp. for the Legion 9 mm, that usually sell as fast as they can get them in, so I bought it & paid in full about 2 months ago, before I even put in for the 2 permits. The CZ 75 compact they had just received when I went in there to look around, & I decided to pay for it also, & wait on the permits. I can definitely recommend the GS Armory for great customer service, it is worth a look.
  10. I also really like my USP 45 in DA/SA for a hammer fired pistol. It is a really great gun. Since you are looking to get a striker fired pistol, I would recommend the S&W M&P 45. I have looked at them a few times at the NRA Conventions the last few years at the S&W booth in the Exhibit hall. I really like them, & may eventually get one, to go with my "old fashioned" 3rd Generation 4506. I am not familiar with the Walther PPQ pistols or the Sig P320.
  11. Since you have the Glock 19 Gen 4, and assuming it is a carry piece once you go across the Delaware River into the Free USA, have you considered getting the P 2000sk in 9mm, instead of the 40 cal? I have the Glock 19 Gen 4 & really like it a lot. I would certainly use it as a primary concealed carry gun if I lived in the Freedom of the Commonwealth of PA! If you want to get a 45 cal home defense gun next, & are looking into the H&K pistols, I would absolutely recommend the USP 45 full size. It is a very large, full size pistol, but it is an extremely well built gun & is capable of using any type of ammo, from FMJ target practice loads, to full power JHP +P loads. I bought mine back in 2000 or 01, & really do like it a lot, & will very highly recommend it. http://hk-usa.com/hk-models/usp/ I am not familiar with the HK45 model, as it is different from the USP series. I am hoping the H&K will eventually add a VP 45 cal model to the very highly successful VP series.
  12. I have not been to the Heritage Guild in Branchburg in quite a long time. They are planning to build a range? Is it going to be right there next to the store, or somewhere else? I may have to go out there sometime soon to take a look around. I bought my S&W M&P 40 Pro there about 4 years ago. It is a really great gun. I also like going to the Garden State Shooting Center in Lakewood to use their range. It is a very good range, very clean, well lit, all the target carriers actually work to go downrange & back, as well as fully functioning ventilation system.
  13. In no uncertain terms, Heritage Guild SUX!! They actually make me wish that Ray's Sport Shop was still in business.
  14. I am going to put in a vote for the Glock 19, Gen 4. I purchased mine about 4 years ago, & it is probably my favorite handgun that I own. I like the Glock night sights & the double recoil spring of the Gen 4 guns, so I will often use some Gold Dot 124 grain JHP's at the range. If I could carry in this "wonderful" state, it would most likely be my ideal concealed carry pistol. I have looked at the H&K VP 9 many times in my local gun store, but I have not bought it, as I also really like the H&K P30 9mm, but that is a DA/SA hammer fired pistol. I have not looked at the P 320 because I am a very big fan of the classic P series, such as my 226 9mm (West German) gun. Hopefully you will decide which one that you really like the best, & be very happy with which ever one you do decide to buy.
  15. I would get the FNH FNS 9 full size. I recently purchased an FNX 40 (hammer fired, DA/SA) pistol, and I am considering getting either the FNX 9 full size next, or maybe go with the striker fired FNS 9. I looked at the FNS pistols a few months ago at the FN booth in the NRA Annual Meetings exhibit hall, & I really liked the FNS series. Maybe the FNS 9 compact? I have not yet had the opportunity to put any rounds through the FNX 40, but it is a really nice gun, with a 14 shot magazine. If you decide to go with the FNS 9, I am certain that you will NOT be disappointed at all. One of the best reasons I like the 9 over the 40 is that the ammo is a lot cheaper for target shooting purposes.