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    Just picked up a little something from Jack. Great guy. Smooth no problem transaction.Gave me instructions on how to operate,break down, and clean. And allowed me to come a little before normal hours to accommodate my schedule. Much appreciated. Would absolutely purchase from again. Thank you sir.
  1. LAX has always been good for me. They have shipping deals too. And bulk stuff usually comes in ammo cans to boot. Prolly bought a few 1000 rounds from there before I started reloading. Also customer service is great. Got a squib load from them once in all that time. Wrote and told them. They paid return shipping on the rest of the ammo from that lot. Sent out a whole new lot. And paid about $100 too send my budget 1911 to a local Smith who ended up cleaning,removing stuck pill , polishing feed ramp and testing. The ammo was a lot of 500 rounds 45 acp and I was prolly halfway through it. So all in all pretty happy with them.
  2. I just quit a year or two ago. 2 pack a day Marlboro reds. Needed a new car and money was tight. Sittin in the dealership crunching numbers. Payment was gonna be $400 a month and I was smoking $525 a month. Quit right there. I do vape now but getting nic down. I don’t think vaping is healthy either but it’s a lot better and cheaper then cigs. Good luck man. You got this.
  3. Dude. Didn’t they make thumbhole stock type stuff illegal. If that’s legal I’ll take it. Like seriously. Send a link and I’ll buy it tomorrow
  4. I was actually in a band back in early 90s. Opened up for steppen wolf and blue oyster cult at obsessions in randolph
  5. So is there a difference between semi auto mags and pump mags ???
  6. I want a semi auto with detachable box mag and a pistol grip. God I hate this states gun laws. I know it’s a no go but would that be ok in a pump. I finally found a pump like that and need to know if it’s ok before I pull the trigger on buying it. See what I did there. also anybody have one. Anybody shoot one. Any info on it is appreciated.
  7. I have and read the abc book. And I'm almost positive you can prime and charge on my press.
  8. You're friend wanna help me out??? I am starting with pistols and that's why I'm at such a loss. I wanna be certain everything is safe. Thanks.
  9. just bought a complete lyman t-mag press with all the trimmings. first time reloader and im having some trouble getting it set up safely and correctly. im looking for someone to possibly come to my home and help me out or maybe walk me through it somehow. id be more then willing to pay for your time. if interested or can help, you can contact me directly at [email protected] . thanks.i really need some help as I now am the proud owner of a $500 paper weight.lol.
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