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  1. I have purchased one gun and had Steve accept a transfer of a gun from Buds and no surprise, no problem. For as personable a dealer you can find, with as fair a price as you can find try Monmouth Arms. Your doing yourself a disservice if you don't.
  2. Was just there again today. Great group of guys. Picked up a couple of dillon case gauges I needed. They are adding more items every day.
  3. I'm thinking of using this powder for 69gr, matchkings in a 16" 1/7 barrel. Varget sounds like a great powder, but I don't think it will meter well thru my dillon powder measure. H335 is a little hot for my 69gr. Bullets. And thanks for reminding me about Gunbroker. I ordered a Giraud trimmer the other day, so I have a few months to find my powder at maybe a better price then gunbroker. .
  4. I'm just starting to reload for 5.56 and looking for Tac put can't seem to find any. Anybody know of any around?
  5. Picked up the 36" gun case at optics for $69 including shipping.
  6. My son and I just picked up a Daniel Defense M4V5 from Steve. I have dealt with many gun shops in NJ and can say without a doubt this was the most enjoyable purchase I have made. A great guy to work with and an excellent conversion to NJ specs. Thanks to Steve, and he will be getting my future business.
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