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  1. That’s a friendly offer but I dont have 220 in my garage. Bummer!
  2. This is turning into a great advice thread! I'm in Glen Rock (Bergen County). I do have a my eyes on a cordless 18v Ryobi 1/2" impact wrench. I'm a hack mechanic so it's all just hobby maintenance for me, nothing pro grade needed. Still, I do need air so the appeal of a 20gal that could run low end air tools seems to make sense. If I REALLY need high torque, then I have a 1/2" breaker and my gorilla hands for the task.
  3. I’m looking for a compressor that can run an air tool occasionally for a tire rotation. I had a husky air scout that just died on me so I’m taking the opportunity to upgrade. Let me know if you got something!
  4. You’d be surprised what can pass for a standard these days. There are plenty of thoroughbred programs, but the army still needs cooks and fuel truck drivers... and they all “pass” basic training.
  5. From what I read, he’s still have sex with this lady. Your plan of buying a second house might well be smart, assuming this marriage is doomed. Just make sure you get the house with the guns in the divorce! Good luck with your priorities, my friend.
  6. Nope, still the way it’s done and this is all still relevant. Those “composite scores” aka “line scores”, are the critical entrance factors for what MOS he can enlist for. For example, GT is the most important for those seeking to be officers. Make sure to confirm his qualifications with the recruiter prior to him heading to MEPS for enlistment. There will be a bit of a personnel hand off when he cannot talk to his recruiter before signing docs and taking the oath. If it were my boy, I’d want to make sure he’s qualified for the job they are promising AND that there’s a slot available for it.
  7. One of the guides on the CNJFO hog hunt had a Dan Wesson 357 that he inherited from his father and plans to leave to his grandkids. That gun looked as worn as could be, but his eyes had a special twinkle when I asked him about it. Buy a quality piece and do some quality work with it; you’ll leave a better legacy than the guy with a museum quality gun in the safe.
  8. If you can't get out of this luxurious dreamboat of a sidecar, well... maybe you should try a yoga class.
  9. You're absolutely right. The sad fact is that my dad has none, but he does have 3 grandsons who he loves giving things to. Dad was more of carbine & grease gun fan back when he was keeping the Russians in their half of Germany (Hungarian Revolution, c. 1956), but I'm certain he'd take a few Garands as a trade.
  10. Just buy the whole thing and then sell this 'wing for $5k. I'd imagine it would work with the 1800 but if you want a rig that's already properly set up, this is your steed. If you show up on your on Goldwing, sidecar rides are half price.
  11. My 2012 Triumph Explorer has leaky fork seals. Does anyone have a seal driver that will work on my 46mm forks? Thanks in advance!
  12. 1989 Honda Goldwing & California Sidecar Friendship III for sale. Dad has owned it for 9 years but its time for them to downsize and this needs a new home. Unbelievably loaded with options, rides smooth & strong. Has quick-disconnect so you can cruise solo on the motorcycle and then hook up the sidecar easily for passengers. No vehicle trades please, but interested to see what else you might have (do you have a few too many M-1 Garands sitting around?). In Glen Rock, always happy to show to NJGF members. Rides are $5! https://newjersey.craigslist.org/mcy/d/glen-rock-1989-honda-gl1500-goldwing/6867394482.html
  13. I had a great time with some fine people. Thank you Rosey @Smokin .50 for doing what you do! I learned a lot and my kiddos are excited about bacon already. It was said that these hogs can be too dumb to die sometimes. I saw one dummy that took FIVE 12ga slugs to the head before dropping, and I had to put way to many rounds of 556 into my harvest before it dropped.
  14. I’m in a similar boat. I shoot my LC9s Pro with the extension. My issue without the extension is that half of my pinky is on the mag lip so I can’t put pressure not relax it since my other fingers are working in gross-motor-skill mode. I do have smaller pistols such as the Beretta 21a Bobcat. I now instinctively curl my pinky underneath to act as a platform for the mag. It’s probably why I can deal with a half supported pinky on slightly larger guns.
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