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  1. I hope those who fled find what they wanted but am concerned it just lets this political cancer spread without their support here. Me? I doubled down. If these antagonists want my homeland, then I have two words for them: Molon labe.
  2. There is also the Nea Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame Museum at Teterboro. If you wanted to keep this in state, I could direct you to the museum director. It’s a very worthy organization. http://www.njahof.org/
  3. Haha, we bought a car like that once. 10 years old and truly driven by an old lady on Sundays. The car was perfect other than the scratched bumper that was a perfect match with the hole in the garage wall. My other favorite line is "lots of good life left" when selling some clapped-out set of used tires.
  4. Come with any steel case ammo?
  5. Damn fine weapon.
  6. OK, I'm calling it too. Having any volume like this and not knowing a Class 3! I'm in the wrong line of work.
  7. Honestly, this is why it took me forever to get into a Glock platform. All these models and generations remind me of the saying "don't make 'perfect' the enemy of 'good'." I finally picked up a Glock 20 Gen4 because I wanted to scratch my 10mm itch. Now am I supposed to believe that I have an "outdated" design of a gun that most closely resembles a sledge hammer? I can't even tell the difference of between the G20 and a refrigerator except that I've noticed I can't shoot my refrigerator through my G20.
  8. I'm stumbling on this a few days late, so here goes... The discussion above made me think of the Crossman 760 Pumpmaster has a magazine and a reservoir. If you haven't used these before, you can only load the magazine from the reservoir after a thorough amount of shaking and cussing. Another example is the Daisy Powerline 340, a little Beretta 92 clone. It also has a reservoir that feeds into a magazine by pulling a small plunger. That mechanism seems to follow the rules set forth of a non- continuous and direct feeding so it's a good start to study. The main engineered principle that the BB magazine has different from all of our standard cartridge magazines is that it is bottom loaded. Here's my thoughts to design a mag that will work - gotta be single stack. The mag-loaded cartridges are integral to the loading operation, acting like bearings for the mechanism. - "separate-then-load". Per above, - the mag would likely need to be the length of a standard 30 rd to house the single stack sorting tray and then the single stack mag, but would be as wide as necessary to hold the non-loaded cartridges in a reservoir. - This thing is going to rattle. Without some type of side pressure plate to force rounds into the sorting tray, rounds would rely on gravity to be sorted. If a pressure plate is designed in, then you have yet another spring or set of springs needed to be captured. Since more parts means more failure mode opportunities, the math on cost/benefit gets more complex along with the design. Anyone with decent CAD skills want to sit down for a beer and flesh this baby out?
  9. Agreed that it's a collectors gun. Nice find. That said, the steel framed Berettas are a whole different level of collector grade. For example, the coveted frame-mounted safety is only found on the steel frames (don't even get me started on Taurus). https://www.gunauction.com/buy/8369755
  10. I should show my Beretta love! Anyone who can correctly guess what everything is gets a free high five. Let me get a link...
  11. The UTAS does not meet the "reliably feed" standard, so no issue! Haha!
  12. What he said. I was in this situation and it all went fine.
  13. Looking to get a bunk bed for the boys’ room. Let me know what you have!
  14. This post probably has 25 people now wondering if it their sweet old neighbor who is trying to sell a footlocker filled WW2 garands.