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  1. Have you tried looking in a dumpster? Every time I see one installed, it ends up in the trash.
  2. Good example, except I only have 1 lawn and 1 car to maintain. I lost the rest of my lawns and cars in a tragic boating accident, officer. Joking aside, I get that neither owning 20+ guns nor paying for them to be professionally cleaned is for someone who is financially strapped.
  3. You guys are awful. It’s not like he’s trying to sell a sandwich maker. No bid. Good luck with sale.
  4. Oven. We had a discussion about vehicles and agreed that more than 3 would be unacceptable because we’d have to buy a minivan. Fortunately, I can fit more rifles than children in the trunk of my car.
  5. Don’t stress, I’m living the dream and this is all according to plan. It’s a crazy & ambitious plan, but more kids means I get to make more rifles so all is good.
  6. A few years back, I bought two AR15 lowers (Anderson, nothing fancy) with sequential serial numbers so I could give each of my boys a rifle when they got older. Well, turns out that I’ll need a third lower... So, anyone got three lowers with sequential serial numbers laying around? Even better, want to take a pair as partial payment?
  7. I have the same, 2.25 inch. I’ve shotnor dry fired it countless times and it’s heavy but smooth. My wifey got the 4 inch and I think I like it better though it’s not easy to carry.
  8. The CZ 455 is excellent but I’m no USMC Sharpshooter, so my Marlin XT-22 is more accurate than I am for less money. To further rock the boat, my Browning BL22 is a sweet handling level gun with a fairly compact stock and is wonderfully accurate without glass.
  9. I only wrench my own machines, except when the FAA won't allow me to do so. I didn't include this, but I'm also in the NJ national guard. In OCS, thinking infantry.
  10. I thought I should put this out here. I’m a finance guy looking to find a new job. I have worked in big and small companies, connecting the dots between actual operations and the financing that helps them make their missions a reality. I’m looking for a position where I can work in a financial and/or strategy role, and hope to lever my experience in infrastructure but very open to new industries. LinkedIn profile is copied below. If my background looks at all applicable/interesting/confusing, drop me a line! + Following the Remington bankruptcy, JPMorgan and Franklin Templeton is likely to own the equity shares that Cerberus held. If anyone knows people in those shops, I’d love the chance to get involved and turn the company around! http://linkedin.com/in/dancorey
  11. Just to toss up the feedback: I have a Beretta factory 22 conversion kit on my Beretta 92FS that eats any ammo. I also have a Sig Sauer Mosquito Sport that is ammo sensitive and has a worse trigger than my Ryobi power drill. None of them compare to the way my Beretta 87Target effortlessly puts rounds on paper. My humble advice? Get whatever functions reliably with low quality ammo.
  12. BTT Looks like Remington’s goofy shotgun bastardization couldn’t keep it from going bankrupt.
  13. Bob is the wheelgun boss. Do what he says. My wife got her first-ever gun today. SP101 4 inch 357. Fits her hand and felt comfortable to balance.
  14. Not sure if this is Mercedes, but here’s the key
  15. I bought a 2014 Charger and only have 1 key fob. Dealership wants $300 for a new key but a local locksmith said to just ask them for the SKIM code just in case their hardware can’t read it and they will cut & program for $65. I had one dealer in Bergen county say they will not tell me the SKIM code because only they will program keys (no thanks). Does anyone have advice on getting the SKIM code and programming the new keys? Is there a tool that you I can get to DIY and just have the shanks cut locally?