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  1. Agreed that it's a collectors gun. Nice find. That said, the steel framed Berettas are a whole different level of collector grade. For example, the coveted frame-mounted safety is only found on the steel frames (don't even get me started on Taurus). https://www.gunauction.com/buy/8369755
  2. I should show my Beretta love! Anyone who can correctly guess what everything is gets a free high five. Let me get a link...
  3. The UTAS does not meet the "reliably feed" standard, so no issue! Haha!
  4. What he said. I was in this situation and it all went fine.
  5. Looking to get a bunk bed for the boys’ room. Let me know what you have!
  6. This post probably has 25 people now wondering if it their sweet old neighbor who is trying to sell a footlocker filled WW2 garands.
  7. My friend has one that I shot. Overall, I liked it but didn’t see it replacing anything in my safe for the near future. Didn’t think it did anything better or different than my PPQ but I only ran 100 rounds through it.
  8. Have you tried looking in a dumpster? Every time I see one installed, it ends up in the trash.
  9. Good example, except I only have 1 lawn and 1 car to maintain. I lost the rest of my lawns and cars in a tragic boating accident, officer. Joking aside, I get that neither owning 20+ guns nor paying for them to be professionally cleaned is for someone who is financially strapped.
  10. Oven. We had a discussion about vehicles and agreed that more than 3 would be unacceptable because we’d have to buy a minivan. Fortunately, I can fit more rifles than children in the trunk of my car.
  11. Don’t stress, I’m living the dream and this is all according to plan. It’s a crazy & ambitious plan, but more kids means I get to make more rifles so all is good.
  12. A few years back, I bought two AR15 lowers (Anderson, nothing fancy) with sequential serial numbers so I could give each of my boys a rifle when they got older. Well, turns out that I’ll need a third lower... So, anyone got three lowers with sequential serial numbers laying around? Even better, want to take a pair as partial payment?
  13. I have the same, 2.25 inch. I’ve shotnor dry fired it countless times and it’s heavy but smooth. My wifey got the 4 inch and I think I like it better though it’s not easy to carry.
  14. The CZ 455 is excellent but I’m no USMC Sharpshooter, so my Marlin XT-22 is more accurate than I am for less money. To further rock the boat, my Browning BL22 is a sweet handling level gun with a fairly compact stock and is wonderfully accurate without glass.