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  1. weekend_junkie

    Good 22LR Revolver

    In fact, that’s exactly what I paid. It’s a nicely kept 1975 model. The earlier “3 screw” model fetch a prettier penny, but this is something to bang onto steel plates and hope I hit something when I fan the hammer.
  2. weekend_junkie

    Good 22LR Revolver

    Since you're still waiting, I'll add my vote for the Ruger Single Six. You can read up on what "new model" means, but mine shoots 22LR like it shoots heat seeking laser beam missiles. I just looked and saw that I paid WAY less than the $600 MSRP, so hunt around and find a deal!
  3. weekend_junkie

    FS: 1997 BMW Z3

    The garage clean out continues. Adult owned Z3 with 107k miles. The 2.8 liter 6 cylinder engine puts our 198hp, the widebody rear puts it down on the road. Interior and exterior are in good condition with typical wear for the age. Drive it and love it. Asking $5000 obo. More pics available.
  4. weekend_junkie

    .22 help

    There are some great comments above! I started down the same path as you, learning that a 22 will often not be made in the same way or even factory as it’s larger caliber cousins. I ending up buying a Sig Mosquito Sport, only to learn later that GSG makes them. They are now called the GSG Firefly and I don’t recommend it. - If you want a solid feeling gun, do try to check out a Beretta 71. - Ruger makes great guns but the SR22 is not on that level (as per my Sig lesson). Very plastic feel. - the idea of a conversion kit is a pro vs con and depends on how you plan to use the pistol. Pro: you get the same trigger and grip. Con: 22 burns dirty and leaves a bigger mess to clean out of the gun.
  5. weekend_junkie

    Glock 43X

    Have any of you glocksuckers shot the LC9s as well? I find it fits my hand well, disappear IWB, and points better than the G43 for me.
  6. weekend_junkie

    Are there kits to DIY reduce cap of our Mags?

    Not sure that the requirement to sell an inefficient design to a niche market is capitalism’s fault! I bet you a hand assembled Model T would fetch a pretty penny as well.
  7. weekend_junkie

    WTB Steel plate

    I'm heading to Range 14 before Christmas and don't have any steel to shoot. Does someone have a setup they would part with or have a recommendation where to buy something? I never bought any plates so I'm open to whatever you got. Thanks!
  8. My favorite thing to share when someone uses the "police have training" card is that I'm qualified expert in hand grenades per the US Army but not allowed to carry so much as an unloaded 22 in public because I'm not a police officer. IMHO, seems we have a government with a personal army instead of peace officers charged to protect and serve.
  9. weekend_junkie

    New Year's Pro-2A Resolutions!

    My resolution will be to get another training cert so I can teach Rifle merit badge.
  10. weekend_junkie

    WTS Cedar Shake Siding, 4.5 square

    I’m trying to help with a family clean out, so I’ll have plenty of random awesome stuff in the future. No more building supplies but I have a 1989 Honda Goldwing + sidecar and a 1998 BMW Z3, if either is your cup of tea!
  11. More birds are killed by flying into glass than those clipped by wind turbines. But, you digress. As a non hunter, I'm mostly interested in cleaner shooting so I'm not tracking toxins into my house with my kids.
  12. weekend_junkie

    FOUR Bucks Taking A Nap?

    After the “blue wave” swept NJ, deer are now comfortable living a polyamorous lifestyle in the open. Stop judging their choices!
  13. weekend_junkie

    Are these magazines legal in NJ?

    Uh, you mean fully automatic volumes?
  14. weekend_junkie

    WTS Cedar Shake Siding, 4.5 square

    Sold! Mods, please lock.

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