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  1. Also, what’s with the state posting an old version of the statute? This is in the definitions "Large capacity ammunition magazine" means a box, drum, tube or other container which is capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm.
  2. For context, everything I say is covered in “our laws are ineffectual lip service” as a starting point. It exciting to underscore how much BS the democrats try to angle.
  3. I have a few friends that align left/center and are now applying for FPID / P2P in my town. They know me well and have asked ALL the newbie questions. I'm happy to help but was wondering if anyone already has an easily digestible NJ guide for new shooters. Something that helps with the "how does this permit work" and "can I get an AR15 in NJ" would be great. Also, does anyone else have good stories about giving advice or guidance to friends or neighbors during the past month?
  4. Purty gun but please explain those sights. Did you replace the rear?
  5. It's 2020, gotta keep this going.
  6. That's how I did it but here's 2,000 words on that.
  7. I ordered a set too. They came fast (typical for Amazon) and the refund processed a few days after shipment. All good on that front. The binos themselves are very good. I particularly like small features like how the dust covers go on and off. They aren't on par with my old Nikon 10x25 glass but these will definitely get use.
  8. DESIRE TO SEE MORE BERETTAS INTENSIFIES: 418 (25 ACP, the James Bond Beretta ) Bobcat 21a (22LR) 84B nickel plated (.380) 87 Target with target grips (22LR)
  9. Aww shucks, I'm going to keep up the Beretta submissions. 92FS Compact Inox. I went overboard with the INOX upgrades and replaced every available piece with an INOX replacement from Italy. I then added on 92SB Compact grips with very custom modification to the inner surface so they fit over the larger 92FS hammer pin. I have a stainless magazine floor plate for the total look but it didn't make it out for this photo.
  10. It always makes me happy to see Berettas on display. Here's 2 out of my collection. Beretta Model 948, c.1958. Beretta Model 1935, c.1950.
  11. That’s a friendly offer but I dont have 220 in my garage. Bummer!
  12. This is turning into a great advice thread! I'm in Glen Rock (Bergen County). I do have a my eyes on a cordless 18v Ryobi 1/2" impact wrench. I'm a hack mechanic so it's all just hobby maintenance for me, nothing pro grade needed. Still, I do need air so the appeal of a 20gal that could run low end air tools seems to make sense. If I REALLY need high torque, then I have a 1/2" breaker and my gorilla hands for the task.
  13. I’m looking for a compressor that can run an air tool occasionally for a tire rotation. I had a husky air scout that just died on me so I’m taking the opportunity to upgrade. Let me know if you got something!
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