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  1. My PPQ M1 is a sweet shooter that never even so much as hiccups. I noticed no one suggested the G20 to shoot 10mm and 40 S&W through the same barrel.
  2. Following. Looks like a good bit of kit for the money if the quality is there.
  3. Some kind fellow had one at Cherry Ridge with a cheapo scope and folding bipod and let me squeeze off a few rounds. I was shooting my scopes XT22 freehand just before and this was like shooting laser beams at 50 yards! I really liked how the long handguard allowed the bipod to be mounted so far forward. If I didn’t already have the XT22, I would definitely consider this.
  4. FWIW, you have a lot of good advice already above. I’m in the finance field for solar and can tell you that leasing is a waste for anyone. I’m happy to dig through numbers in PM if you have detail questions.
  5. PSA will definitely send this with a removable flash hider. As a point, they won’t swap any parts in their packages.
  6. Interesting that you got that answer. My understanding was that paper records of mental health were held at the county office. In that case, moving between counties necessitated the check.
  7. I just applied for permit in December and got them in January. My usual process has been to bring in the 2 completed forms to the PD, wait on references, then pay $2 per permit when I pick them up. On this last time dropping off the application, there was a new lady behind the counter who said I'll need to do the online background check. I replied, "Oh, that. This isn't my first rodeo and I already did that before. I'm sure its in my file." We exchanged goodbyes and I picked up 3 permits some 40 days later. $6 out of pocket, easy peasy. What I'm wondering is will this new system force the local PD to run that check, requiring me to pay the $20 each time?
  8. Id assume Easton. Pretty sure it would cost A LOT to fire off some rounds in Rahway!
  9. 124gr9mm had a great idea, but what would ACTUALLY be great is if you pulled the trigger spring out from one of those 32 revolvers and let me have it for postage before these get lacquered into an art project.
  10. I got me a wee little Beretta and was wondering if anyone has some 25 auto sitting on a shelf collecting dust. It’s a new caliber for me and, while I’d typically get a case of anything I shoot, I don’t see myself going through 1,000 on this anytime soon.
  11. It’s a bit of a segue, but the employer letters I’ve seen always made it clear they were for gun permits.
  12. Just as holding a faux-roundtable that is nothing more than a one-sides publicity stunt does not endear those on the fence. It just draws a deeper line in the sand and polarizes the voter bases. Aka, politics as usual.
  13. MODS: why am I getting notifications for this thread? Of course, good luck with sale!
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