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  1. Can’t find a 11” Noveske NSR Mlok handrail anywhere in stock. If anyone has one they want to sell I’m definitely interested. Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking to buy a noveske NSR 11” handguard. If anyone has any leads or has one for sale please let me know. Thanks
  3. Can’t find that configuration anywhere in stock. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Couldnt you go with shorter than a 10.5 barrel if you used a noveske flaming pig which is 3.25 inches long and if you pin and weld it?
  5. Any better pics of the scratch? Also is your FFL in mount holy?
  6. Thanks all. Will let you k ow how I make out.
  7. With the recent storm we found out our sump pump was shot. I replaced it and haven’t had any issues since. I’m guessing a decent dehumidifier is what I need.
  8. Yes 79% humidity. I unplugged my rod and the humidity is staying at 69% witch shows comfort on my thermopro.
  9. It literally grew back that fast. I’m guessing I need to buy a actual room dehumidifier. The temp inside the safe reads 79% as in the past it would fluctuate high 50% low 60%. I opened the door and let it air out while I was spraying it with mold remover and the temp dropped down to 70 within 5 minutes. I also put a damprid bucket in there and all the minerals have clumped together though it hasn’t dropped any liquid in the bottom of the bucket.
  10. I did recently get water in my basement where my safe is. I do have a 12” rod but guessing I should get a larger rod and possibly throw a damprid bag in there as well. I’m guessing it is mold. Thanks all
  11. So I went to clean some of my rifles today and noticed a bunch of cotton like cobweb looking things in the corners of my safe. Not sure what it is. It almost looked like mold. I have a dehumid rod that is constantly on so not sure what it could be. Didn’t look like a spiders web, looked more like cotton. I’ve attached a couple pics.
  12. Liberty safe moved my 1000+LB safe with ease. They have the right straps, rollers, and sliders to do the job. Safe doesn’t have to be from them or even a liberty safe. My move had a bunch of turns, steps, and other obstacles. Would highly recommend them.
  13. I’ve been collecting toy cannons for a little bit now. Mostly brass ones and some Big Bang cannons. I’ve come across a few that I cannot find online. Anyone know any forums or sites that deal with them?
  14. I think everyone is still trying to get answers. Even LEO.
  15. I have a half finished basement. I noticed a crack in the foundation floor running from one side of the wall to the other. Whats the best fix for this?
  16. What is the legalities on the kits above?
  17. Interested in purchasing a GSG 522. Im wondering if the retractable stock would be legal on this pinned to the closed position?
  18. I used bangers for a muzzle weld and stock pinning and they were awesome. Would highly recommend.
  19. this is starting to get regoddamndiculous
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