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  1. I noticed that Dick's in Paramus and Nanuet both no longer sell 7.62x39. Anyone know a location that might ? (Dick's Store)
  2. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a place to buy stainless steel media . I don't want to order, any place near Harrison, North Arlington area were I can purchase ??????
  3. My manager requested if I can obtain a carrying permit for my job (Corp. Security). I did my basic pistol course and even got my Florida CCW. I took my certificates and all my documents to my local PD in North Arlington. The officer without even looking at my documents and letter of need straight told me. "I've been working here for fives years and we've never issued a CCW permit. You can try if you want." I took my paperwork and never went back. My job is in Montvale and some how North Arlington decides if I should be allowed a CCW permit. This crap makes no sense.
  4. Ramsey Outdoor on Route 17 has 525 rds of Federal .22lr for $ 28.99, one box limit per day.
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