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  1. I agree with Screwball. And plus its an excuse for another gun! The way I look at it is I hunt in 2 different locations (one is open on an edge of a cornfield and the other is in the woods around think brush) so it is easier for me to just pick up a dedicated shotgun and go hunting, no need to change barrels or any of that.
  2. Midway bag here, got it when it was on sale. have no complaints on it, i even use it as a shooting rest for rifles sometimes
  3. Doubt it. When I need anything for my CZ I go to Cajun Gun Works, Well I go on their website. Fast shipping and specialize in CZ's.
  4. Sorry for the question, but what is CR? and where, this sounds like fun
  5. SD40ve 686 pro series ssr
  6. next sunday as in the 29? There is a steel match at CJRPC that is scheduled for that day that may put some people out, including myself.
  7. This works for me as well. Pretty much any Sunday. Would need to see if I can get off of work on Saturdays if you are planning on a Saturday trip.
  8. I would give CZ a try. I have the SP01 and its my favorite by far. if not go with the glock. just my 2cents
  9. Agreed, bought it a while ago and its one of my tops now. Like it a lot and reasonably priced
  10. "only 46" gotto love it. maybe sometime im my dreams I could live out there. been thinking about relocating to TX. Im 25, single no attachments to NJ, just need to find work. Enjoy
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