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  1. Calling the police --- can sometimes lead to - 'no good deed goes unpunished' Maybe not in your case - but it happens. I'd call cabelas - they've been good to me.
  2. Did a transfer there shortly after they opened. They helped with nj compliance on the item. Very smooth transaction. Jumped in a few times since then and they remember me. Seems like like good guys. They are getting my business.
  3. Just saying.. I've seen a Hexmag fail in a competition. Not sure if it was early or later version. Looked like it slip near the rear on top and this caused the catch to jam into the magwell. Needed to take apart to get the body out of the magwell to get it out. Scary thought if you needed to get rounds into a scumbag. That said I have three myself. No issues but fairly light usage.
  4. No you are not the only one. Been in construction management for 15+ years. Most of which has been travel. And a lot of out of state. It's easier when young and single. It got to the point where the wife needed to get use to me being home when i had off. For the last year I've been working close to home - it feels so different now. I'm not sure I can go back to traveling. Do what you have to do. Learn from it. Imo it's not too bad if your young. Set limits on comfort and for how long you plan to travel for and keep to it. A fellow worker had his first kid and said goodbye to the job. There are things more important than work.
  5. werder

    Mossberg 930 SPX

    The trick is finding a dealer - Any dealers on the pages can do this?
  6. Oaks is a good show. You should go
  7. Agree with previous posts. Shoot what you have. The best way to learn is to shoot. Learn more what you like and dislike and you will end up building what you really want later on. I feel from your post that if you start a new build now you really won't know what is best for you and will spend more money modifying your new build too often. Don't rush into it. The M&P is a good platform. Learn to sight / zero and the different ammo characteristic and trigger control. And share some Gdam pics of what you got!
  8. Sounds like the Feds took the whole inventory - everything they carry out. Not surprised about that. Sniff thru everything to find a charge agains stag. Does stage make 80% lower? Is it possible some bonehead saw an unsieralized 80%. Asking because I don't know.
  9. Same dilema here Shawn! I have a magpul furniture lower that I really like and a mixed rifle with the houge grip. I picked up the DD furniture. Bought it instantly after I had chance to hold them. Now I'm Not sure if I buy a new lower for the DD or swap with my houge grip lower.
  10. werder


    We have the same grapes. They make for an awesome preserve. (Jam)
  11. werder


    Good selection! This year we have: tomatoes, kale, strawberrys, grapes, squash and assortment of herbs and mint. No comparison to the taste of growing your own vs the supermarket.
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