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  1. I am looking for a 12G or 20G shotgun strictly for home defense but there are slim pickings in Bergen County, NJ and neighboring NY counties. Since it will be hardly used, I don't have a must-have list but trying to stay under $400 or so. Most of the online stores are quite a distance so I called around the local places and found a few below. Any recommendations? Thanks!

    Pardus PA -$390

    ria mariva 103 18.5" 12G $299

    legacy catadel 20" $429

    ria vrpa 40 18.5" 12G $400

    Dickenson Arms 12G 18.5" $899

    Stevens 320 20G $350

    Stevens 320 12G $?

    Maverick 88 FDE $309
    Maverick 88 w/ 8 shot $380

    Charles Daly 601 $0

  2. And fast forward like 6 years later and we moved to Mahwah, NJ and added another child -- 2 girls now. We kept pushing the gun decision down the road over and over and went with a security system including internal and external cameras. I definitely sleep better but the craziness from the Corona-virus made us rethink home protection. The concern was a gun in the house and 2 young children but we agreed to get a shotgun that hopefully will never be used except for the rare range visit. The sole purpose will be home protection.

    I have my FPIC and looking to make a purchase. A family friend (ex-NYPD) said to check out Reloaderz in Wayne, NJ for either 590 or 870 with some buckshot. Aside from Reloaderz, is there any other place in North Jersey to consider? It seems like online purchases don't save much monies due to FFL cost. Lastly, safety is key here. Would a simple trigger lock and store this thing up high in the closet suffice?

  3. Welcome another Oakland resident here. Just across 202 from you. Oakland has a very friendly PD they are as fast as can be in this state with permits.

    They also point you to good places to learn and shoot. I would be happy to run you up to my range(cherry ridge) when it gets warmer to try some of my stuff out.

    The DMV is great as well. If you want super fast show up about 1/2 before closing. They empty the backroom out and actually pitch in to get everyone done on time.



    Sounds good. I am going for my HID in the next week or so.

  4. I can see how some people are confused about the laws especially those that live on the border of multiple states like I do. The FOPA seem a bit sketchy to be honest given everything I am reading. It's just too risky to get pinched over a misinterpretation of the law. I think I won't even venture into CCW except to go to the range and even then, I will stay out of NY to avoid trouble.


    With that said, I'll probably get a shotgun and a handgun for the house. I also have a loud Dachshund so folks will have fair warning. :)

  5. Welcome, I'm in Oakland too.  I got my FID January '13 and have applied for some pistol permits since then.  Given that some towns are taking exorbitantly long to process(6+ months) I was happy my original FID application only took 2 months back then, and the permits I've filed for since then took about 2-3wks.  Not bad at all.


    Small world. In the RRR?

  6. You can transport NY legal long guns into NY, but not handguns. So you can't take a handgun up to your cousins. You can travel through NY with a handgun as Damjan said, covered by FOPA.


    Did you contract yourself or did I just read it wrong? I assume there are transport laws in every state that need to be followed. Please don't tell me it is by county. I was hoping to just put them in the trunk unloaded.

  7. Hey Shawn, welcome to the forum.  I'm practically a neighbor of yours, up here in northern Wayne.


    I was going to address some of your concerns, but Damjan beat me to it.  Have you seen info on obtaining your NJ Firearms ID card?

    Also, you're going to need a handgun purchase permit for every one you want to obtain.  Be sure to apply for more than one, because they are only a couple of bucks each; and even though you think you only want one, you're probably going to get the urge to get others, and you need to go through the

    whole process each time you apply.  Yeah, I know, sucks to be us.


    Thank you. Wayne is REALLY nice. The Jyoti Indian restaurant is quite tasty. :)  


    No, NJ Firearms ID card yet. I assume this is necessary for both wife and myself? I also assume this is necessary for both long arms *AND* hand gun? 


    Ugh, a permit for EACH purchase? Is the only reason to obtain multiple permits at once time to save time?

  8. Hello and Welcome,


    Here is a sticky that s a good read to educate you on the laws. Read it. Lots of questions will be answered.



    As for answers to some of your questions:

    1. In practicality you wont be able to carry a gun in NJ or NY. For PA you can get a non resident permit that reciprocates with the state of PA ( like a Utah non resident carry permit). In NJ you can take pistols only from home to the range and back. PA is about the same but you can keep the gun in the car if you have a non resident Permit.

    2. Travel through PA and NY is covered by The FOPA laws. Read up on this.

    3. Shotgun pellets don't really spread that wide for your wife not to miss. Look up shotgun patterning.



    The Oakland DMV used to be the shortest wait time in the universe when i lived up there.


    Thanks for the info. I am just starting to read that thread but it's foreign to me so far. Define 'carry'? Does this mean on my person or anywhere in my automobile even if it is in the trunk unloaded? I guess I need to read up on shot gun as I assumed it would just 'spray'. With that said, my wife is brilliant so she can learn to use any weapon. I just assumed the shot gun would be the easiest.


    I thought I was in a foreign country when i went to Oakland DMV. Very friendly folks unlike the miserable bastards in NY. NY DMV makes me went to jump off a bridge.

  9. Welcome. Forget about CCW. It is basically no issue in NJ and no issue in NYC and surrounding counties. NY residents can generally get a CCW upstate, but not down near NYC.


    I had to google CCW. :) Yes, I just read that a second ago in the following thread: http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/29389-read-before-posting-nj-gun-law-faq/


    This makes sense as my cousins both have carry permits in upstate NY and mentioned how it 'sucks' down here. Honestly, I don't have a problem with this. I just need to read up on how to transport within NY and NJ. It sounds like a shotgun (assume this is is the best choice for a home protection long gun) is the easiest to obtain.

  10. I am new to the forum and guns in general so please be gentle. I am 35 and my wife is 31 and we are looking for home protection. We live in Oakland, NJ which is approximately 10 minutes from NY and both work in NY. My primary goal is home protection and my initial thoughts was to get a shotgun to ensure my wife can't miss. :) However, I am also interested in a hand gun including a carry permit but have major concerns over the NY and NJ gun laws. For example, given our proximity to NY, do we have to have permits in both states? What happens if we cross into NY or PA? Can we keep it in the car w/o a carry permit? I don't want to end up like that poor prick Plaxico who went to prison for bringing a weapon into NYC. I have no problem self-educated myself but need to start somewhere.


    Thanks for any help you can give me.




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