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  1. An FFL in NJ can any capacity of magazine, just has to be made legal to 15 at point of sale. Some internet companies have policies that they won't ship the mags to NJ so make sure you check that before ordering.
  2. i wasn't aware of any model but the one that ships with 4 21rnd mags, and howell gun works had one 2 weeks ago but its sold.
  3. Are these sks or mosin's... wtf just tell me what to write in the book... @remixer
  4. I love that jack turns this discussion into a sales pitch, quite the business man if i didn't a 10/22 that i loved already i would get me one of those.
  5. if thats true, then get a iver johnson m1 carbine not all of them are marked m1 carbine or m1 on the receiver.
  6. the 22lr and 9mm blowback action weren't M1s either, but those aren't legal either. good luck let us all know when you get your m1 carbine in NJ lol.
  7. Why no section for owners name?
  8. ...
  9. Thanks Jack and Steven. PSA probably won't ship it to NJ though lol
  10. Please be advised Monmouth Arms store hours for Saturday are 11am-5pm weather permitting. =D
  11. thanks
  12. june 30th
  13. M&P shield with 75$ mail in rebate right now can't beat it.
  14. lol no he was comparing B&M FFL/Store to FTF purchases from forum members and i was just joking anyways