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  1. is anyone going to this, only seen maybe 1 person so far.
  2. monmouth arms has one or can get you one @remixer
  3. so they were charging you 50 per transfer and 15 nics for each transfer? and then you settled with them for around $25 per transfer? and if GSSC is the best why weren't you there in the first place
  4. look at all these people helping this guy to make an assault rifle
  5. if your not spending every weekend waiting to 4hrs to shoot 100 rounds, how could this hobby be any fun at all. Us plinkers are doing it all wrong lol
  6. havn't been in a year but last i was there members werent allowed to bring own steel at efga and club hasnt bought steel in years. usana i remember they had rules on steel and RO had to approve it, was only there once
  7. I think you meant sig320 not that bargin bin m&p pistol
  8. The person he talked to on the phone is pretty much the only person that gives any guidance to ffls and is the person that would be called to be the states witness if a case was brought against someone. I believe he spoke at safecon and is very respected. I have nothing against High Exposure but if he has this letter i'm sure many of us would like to see it.
  9. didn't that store burn down last year? any idea if they are open and have rebuilt?
    Best FFL on NJGF by far.
  10. i'd love to see a letter on this from Brett, i've asked my dealer to contact him months ago and still havn't gotten an answer
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