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  1. magazine doesnt look polished to me
  2. nothing wrong with baby eagle great guns, looks like they put the safety back in the slide again (personally rather have a frame mounted safety), being similar i would also consider a cz75 if you don't have one. +1 for wanting steel over polymer
  3. He's the tallest Italian BBQ sauce guy i know, JTM BBQ ftw
  4. her face/head reminds me of my russell terrier. congrats and enjoy
  5. have had all of these, can't go wrong with any of them if i had to choose one i like the Vtac the best.
  6. doesn't sound like an ammo problem, i'd get that gun checked out.
  7. i gave up drinking after college
  8. hipster beer in a stripmall pass, give me a good ole bar or tavern
  9. Dude Citori best value buy once cry once.
  10. needs to be renamed Maxim 49 lol
  11. @Zeke dude citori
  12. suppose to stamp with O and U, lol t&b.
  13. Not on Sundays, i never show up cause its almost 2hrs away from me. I want an invite to the next meetup at cjrpc, i was at the club but didn't know it was happening Also i can completely understand the no pictures on the net/facebook i do the same it would complicate my job if pictures of me and guns showed up all over.
  14. next shotgun shootout i will be facebook live all day
  15. i dont see a price.