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  1. its a bolt action so any stock is legal, the features game only applies to semiauto with a detachable magazine
  2. Have spent thousand with them never a problem, shipping is a day or two slower than most. called them a few times with product questions got my answers and was given coupon codes to use for more money off my order. I think half the problem is people expect 2 day shipping like every business is amazon prime, not everything you order online needs to be at the door next morning
  3. Same got mine used (never fired) for cheap from a guy moving to Canada. I rarely take out my half dozen other 22 handguns anymore. Best part is being a revolver it runs all ammo flawlessly.
  4. love my hipower, cant see why anyone would buy one new though.
  5. like the one sitting next to me?
  6. SMILING, HOWDY, and FLIRTING! how is that not RAPE?, they should be brought up on charges. Feminism killed Chivalry
  7. For south jersey contact Jack @JT Custom Guns much better choice than buying at Shooters. 609-709-1346 / 609-312-7791
  8. thanks for the reminder to start a fight tonight and break up with the girlfriend to save myself about 200 bucks.
  9. The owners are looking dumber everyday, maybe they shouldn't own the club, maybe its best Ira owns and speaks for the club.
  10. Or it could be people with additudes like yours that keep them away
  11. No thanks I refuse to be any part of any threesome involving capt14k I've heard the story of him and that bear bar too many times
  12. i call bullshit steve will never attend a shotgun shootout. lol @remixer prove me wrong.
  13. ugh post whores.
  14. whats up with having an anti2a republican at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening? whos genius idea was this?
  15. i read that nowhere