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  1. cabalrayz

    marlin xt22

    didn't that store burn down last year? any idea if they are open and have rebuilt?
  2. cabalrayz

    Monmouth Arms

    Best FFL on NJGF by far.
  3. cabalrayz

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    i'd love to see a letter on this from Brett, i've asked my dealer to contact him months ago and still havn't gotten an answer
  4. cabalrayz

    Daniel Defense

    @remixer please contact me i wish to order a daniel defense rifle asap.
  5. cabalrayz

    pocket knife

    i bought one cause i love the hinderer style but its a little too small, i carry the larger zero tolerance version of this knife.
  6. cabalrayz

    Sig P226 Legion

    I have one and many small improvements on the 226 legion. The grayguns trigger has one of the shortest resets i've seen. the upgraded sights are really nice. Only complaint i have was what looked like scratches all over the slide but after soaking the slide in oil overnight they went away. Not sure if PVD is the best coating for a gun.
  7. cabalrayz

    Anyone have the CZ Shadow?

    I have an AccuShadow and a Tactical Sport, they are two of my favorite handguns.
  8. cabalrayz

    FS: Never opened Bread and Milk

    this whole thread is fucking terrible but also the best NJGF has to offer.
  9. cabalrayz

    FS: Never opened Bread and Milk

    purple is skim milk, false advertising would not buy 2/10.
  10. they make 15 round and 10 round magazines for the glock17, or they could pay to have their mags blocked like the rest of us.
  11. cabalrayz

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    it was in a letter to NJ FFLS i'd have to look it up i'm sure someone has it handy, and yes Nappen the expert who told us all the shockwaves were illegal even after the NJSP issued a letter to FFLS saying they are legal. Here's a thread that refers to the letter back from 8 years ago, and an FFL getting another copy of that letter last year. sorry i don't think i have a copy of it anymore.
  12. cabalrayz

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    they said it for years because we've had restricted mags for a while now 15 rounds. are you suggesting the rules for blocked 10 round mags are different than the blocked 15 were had. Hexmags are manufactured to be 15 rounds thats different than a high cap magazine altered to hold 15. which is why the state police had no issue with hexmags holding 16 rounds which most of the gen1 hexmags did.
  13. cabalrayz

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    No NJSP have said for years now that a pop rivet alone is not enough. The law states permanent, meaning it can't be reversed.
  14. cabalrayz

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    i would assume they are not, no magazine that's been blocked by a dealer in NJ have i ever been able to open, they are either glued or blind pinned or both. I'd be interested to know dealers that are finding a way to block the magazines and leave the floor plate able to be opened without cutting the magazine body.
  15. cabalrayz

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    Spring epoxied to magblock wouldn't be permanent but to each their own. Roll pin is good enough for AR stock because nothing in law says permanent for stocks, but it does say permanent for magazines Taking a 15 round magazine and blocking to 10 is different than a manufacturer making a 10 round magazine short spring and riser. NJSP said of hexmags holding 11 rounds its fine because the manufacturer created the magazine to only hold 10.

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