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  1. lmao git em
  2. Some ugly tavors in this thread
  3. maybe competing with the ruger mk3/4 hunter or competition but grips and new sights don't put it in the same class as the model 41.
  4. that website looks pretty empty i was expecting alot more for all the talk
  5. What about past articles got any of those we can read in the meantime?
  6. It's legal if permanently pinned on
  7. UPDATE: I've received confirmation that the roadtrip is a GO and will happen this Sunday.
  8. ran into and chatted with some of them today, seemed like good people to me. everyone there was peaceful and respectful.
  9. No thats what he gets for messing with Glock perfection.
  10. depending on other features of the gun it might need to permanently pinned or welded to the barrel.
  11. i've been with Nordvpn for about a year now i think, no issues does exactly what i need and its cheap.
  12. also used by rock river, delton, cmmg and probably a few others.
  13. The square would be the forge marking Brass Aluminum, but that doesn't really narrow down whos brand it is.
  14. not sure how you have a top tier list without LMT, Colt, Christensen, Rainier, Pof and a handful of others that are above quite a few you already have on the list and are under $3k not sure why the limit when you looking for the best.
  15. Did you shoot your first handloads? It doesn't count till you nervously pull the trigger on your first handloads hoping you still have those hands afterward