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  1. Bought 2 short sales and a foreclosure, never wanted to get involved in a live auction pissing contest for something that expensive.
  2. Try running some Iron Out through it once in a while to keep it clean.
  3. I have a small kubota loader/backhoe, very handy around the yard but sucks at moving snow. Never bothered with getting a snow blade or blower since I have a F-250 with a plow on it. If you get the kubota definitely get the snow blade or blower.
  4. Should contact the police right away to find out what’s up. Had a few wrecks years ago and never had a problem retrieving items from the wreck.
  5. Any thermostat that has a jumper between R and RC can be used to control 2 separate systems. Remove the R-RC jumper, heat uses R and W. Air conditioner uses RC , G and Y. Years ago you needed a special sub base to do this, most newer digital thermostats are set up for it.
  6. Feds were only helping raise houses if it was your primary residence. I have 2 rental houses in Mystic Island, no federal money for me. 1 house didn’t have flood insurance, other one did but no major damage. Still made good money on insurance. Rates started going up so high I paid off mortgage on house and dropped flood insurance. both houses are 60’s shore shacks that all the value is in the lagoon front lots.
  7. Bojangles for the win.
  8. Just get another cable box, Moms gonna be pissed all the time cause she left the remote in the other room.
  9. Make the bank remove it. If they want to sell the house they will.
  10. Riverton is probably the only riverfront town I would consider in Burlington Co. Not sure what high school they send to though, that would be a big consideration if you have kids in public school.
  11. ted527


    Crime Story Quantum Leap Sopranos
  12. Whether you can go tankless depends on size of gas line and having a way to vent the flue.
  13. Switch it over to a Honeywell glo fly ignitor and you may never have to change it again.
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