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  1. Had an 82, also still have this 92 with 7k original miles. Never driven in the rain. Wanna buy a vette?
  2. I had 2 new ones when I was 19. Ordered the first one new and 2 months later some old fart ran a yield sign and t boned me. Ordered tha 2nd one with the insurance money. Both were black and gold Bandit Trans Ams
  3. More munks and rabbits this year. Have heard an owl around for a couple years and just spotted it this evening eating something just off my patio.
  4. Had a 20’ walk a round that I sold last week, it was a glorious day.
  5. https://www.doheny.com/pool-supplies/covers/solar-reels
  6. Very easy switching over. I switched my .40 to use px4 mags. I think it was a $10 part.
  7. Sorry, just saw this thread. Do NOT buy anymore replacements of what you had. Order a couple Honeywell Glowfly universal ignitors. I started using them 5-6 years before I retired 5 years ago and never had one go bad. About $30 on Amazon
  8. We had a refrigerator/freezer in our shop for 30 years and never had a problem. Shop temp was kept just above freezing. I did hvac/ refrigeration for 45 years and doubt you will have any problems, if it did shut down it would restart on its own.
  9. Spent many nights at either Heaven in Pennsauken or the Sattelite in Cookstown in the 70’s and early 80’s
  10. Bought 2 short sales and a foreclosure, never wanted to get involved in a live auction pissing contest for something that expensive.
  11. Try running some Iron Out through it once in a while to keep it clean.
  12. Should contact the police right away to find out what’s up. Had a few wrecks years ago and never had a problem retrieving items from the wreck.
  13. Any thermostat that has a jumper between R and RC can be used to control 2 separate systems. Remove the R-RC jumper, heat uses R and W. Air conditioner uses RC , G and Y. Years ago you needed a special sub base to do this, most newer digital thermostats are set up for it.
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