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  1. That's the word... But rather than the range handling it, they are letting the township take care of it and pushing the time back 1 hour. So I've been told.
  2. I hope to be in the same boat in firearm season, congrats man.
  3. Wow, did not know Jake passed, he helped me so often when I was first getting into firearms. My condolences - I how we or someone can get something together in his memory. I have put a few purchases on hold because Bangers has been good to me, I'd rather spend my money with them. It pained me to grab ammo, mags and my hunting license somewhere else. SJSC is still open but just a note, Sunday shooting has been temporarily pushed back to 10am due to a new home owner int he area filing complaints against the range...
  4. My wife is finally applying for her FID - It exempts family members as references, but does this include spouses? Seems like a simple question however I have gotten yes and no from separate LEOs. Anyone able to help me out?
  5. ha, I'm a member there. I may just do that. If a guy that looks like your typical depiction of Jesus walks up to you that'd be me. But I think I found the issue thank to your measurements and a set of calipers. The handle is within spec except for the width at .389 and the front lug height .598. Having said that, there looks like a burr on the crown of the CH.. I may shave that off with a jewelers file. But not until I hear back from the company that sent the CH. To preface it so I don't sound like a caveman ready to fix it myself. The crown looks pointed, not flat. It may just be a glob of the coating, I can't tell.
  6. It looks straight but I can double check. I'm in the Blackwood area in southern Nj.
  7. going to grab a caliper on the way home and check it out. For shits and giggles, if the handle is in spec and being you both have more experience than I do. Anything I should check next?
  8. Unfortunately I don't have another CH on hand. I suspected it was a semi-common issue with the number manufacturers. Did the issue seem to be verbatim or something to this effect? Nickjc would you happen to know the height of the CH catch ?
  9. My first AR build. Have a PSA lower with lower parts kit PSA premium bolt carrier group ( chrome lined, MPI) PSA premium upper ( chrome lined, blah blah) milspec buffer tube assembly My problem comes with the clearances inside the upper. I bought a cheap-ish charging handle that I suspect is out of spec. Please let me know if you agree or possible troubleshooting to determine other issues. But the action is extremely hard to cycle and the bolt will get stuck to the rear, with the CH needing a bump and the bcg will slam home. I broke it down and removed the buffer and spring and was able to pull the bolt back with difficulty, not a substantial change from with the buffer/spring in place.. Attempted 4 times total and the results are in the pictures.
  10. If you're near Deptford, 1924 Cooper St, Deptford Township, NJ 08096 Ed's is a little mom and pop and does great work, if you're looking for 24 hour turn around though this isn't the place.
  11. Ok, all personal pref things and not a mechanical failure etc. Thanks for the input. Like the feel of a milled ak so that's the only pref now. Still in teh beginning phases of looking.
  12. Without making it a lifetime movie, what didn't you like? little things or big issues?
  13. How do you like the C39V2? Thinking of picking one up as my second - have a WASR10 With mags - depending on your use, For range mags: pmag, tapco and the other non-steel reinforced mags are fine. For training or if you take any fighting rifle course, the nonreinforced mags will not survive. All steel and pinned have been the way to go for me - gun show pick up chinese or romainian mags (humped spine and pinch weld spine respectively) have been the best performers after some surface rust removal and re-sprays and get them pinned.
  14. Excellent. Xmas bonus funds allocated. Thanks for all the replies.
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