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  1. @remixer Agreed. I have no issue with Union Hill and have actually spoken to the owner several times. We wish them well and think we can both "make it". I am just tired of signing on and seeing false information about our range and am afraid potential customers might see it and be turned away, and that's just not fair to us.
  2. @capt14k Once again I am going to ask you to keep Recoil's name out of your mouth. Every time you post about our range, the information is false. I understand you somehow have very close ties to Union Hill, and thats fine, but when you post information that isn't correct, it is not fair to the public or us as future range owners. I'm not sure where in the approval you see that it says that we can not sell memberships. We cannot sell firearms, but we will sell memberships. The reason we have not taken pre-construction memberships is because it is a bad idea. With all of the delays involved in a project like this, we saw no reason to hold people's money hostage. You stated that we did not take memberships because we can't, and that's not at all true. You also stated that people wouldn't want to do pre-construction memberships on a public range. That is also not true, I have a whole list of people who have been begging me to take their money, and we just won't do it. I have no issue with you praising Union Hill and talking it up, but STOP giving false information about Recoil. Anyone with questions about Recoil can contact me and I would be happy to answer them.
  3. I'm not sure where you are getting your information, but NONE of what you said is true. The plans submitted are not for a pole barn as it is a block building. The ventilation system, ceiling plates, and bullet trap are already designed, and we do not expect this to take a year. Please refrain from giving everyone a false update on our range.
  4. We are hoping 8 months... Once we have a bit closer of a timeframe I will post an update. For now, the block work should be done in the next 2 weeks
  5. @BobA, @Darrenf, @remixer, @DSD1026, @fatty, @124gr9mm, @Tony13 I know this was posted a long time ago but I am just seeing it now. We have finally begun construction and are pretty excited about it. Sorry for the confusion, and to answer everyone's question, you can either pay $279 per year for unlimited usage, or $20 per hour.
  6. Please give us a chance when we open. Our ventilation system is being designed by the leaders in range ventilation who guarantee us a safe range.
  7. Reality! We have had several significant setbacks over the past 5 years, but we have finally started the block walls 2 days ago. It has been a long journey but will be worth the wait for everyone.
  8. At Recoil, we’ve had our fair share of setbacks, but we think we have finally hit the last (big) roadblock. We have begun excavating the site and that should hopefully be completed by next week (pending weather). After that, we are planning on beginning construction within the month. I can’t give an opening date at this point since the reality is we honestly thought we would have been up and running 2 years ago. That being said, it will be built, and we will be offering hourly lane rentals as well as memberships for those more frequent shooters. I’m happy to answer any questions anyone may have if you want to send me a private message or post below on this thread. Thanks for all of your interest and patience!
  9. Yes you have that right. We will offer both membership and hourly rentals.
  10. the guy who responded about union hill is talking about a different range in monroe. Our range, Recoil is the one you guys put a proposal in for. sorry we couldn't work with you guys. We do post updates on our website for those who are interested.. recoilnj.com
  11. Just to give you a quick update: We are still waiting on the NJ DEP to come out and approve our site for the building. This is something that our engineer told us we had submitted back in December. Like an idiot, I believed him and figured we were well on our way. It turns out he didn't do what he said he did. I really wish it wasn't too late to fire him because he has been stringing us along for over 2 years while making very little progress. Unfortunately it is too late to fire him and hire somebody new because we are 95% complete at this point. That being said, we are still working on the other logistics so that once final site plan is approved, we are ready to get started. I wish I had better or more precise news as to when things are going to happen, but I just don't have it. We very much appreciate your patience and will let everyone know as soon as we have some type of news to report.
  12. Great suggestion, and a pet peeve of ours as well when ranges close early. We are definitely considering a late night or 2 during the week. Will keep you updated! Everyone please feel free to add any other suggestions and I promise that all reasonable suggestions will be seriously considered. PS No beer bar!
  13. The range will be 15 lanes @ 25 yards. This range will be in Monroe between Helmetta and Jamesburg. It will be on Mott avenue. Our engineer is still working on site plan. We were hoping to go for final approval in January but I don't think that is going to happen. Hoping for February at the latest. Never in the world did we expect site plan approval to take 2 years, but that is the world we live in. We are headed to SHOT SHOW next week, so we are hoping to make some solid contacts there that can help us get this going as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have received all of the people who signed up for the e-mail updates and will be sending out an update soon with where we stand. Thanks for everyone's support. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will be happy to answer what I can at this point.
  14. Thanks all for your support. Yes I have heard about Paul and his project and we wish him the best of luck. We are pretty excited about getting this off the ground and actually having a place to shoot that is less than 45 minutes away. We are not sure about pricing at this point but will be sure to keep everyone updated. Unfortunately this has taken about 2 years longer than we had hoped! We are tentatively planning on being up and running by Fall 2015, just not sure yet if that is possible based on how long everything has taken thus far. That being said, every day is a step closer, and we thank everyone for the well wishes.
  15. Hi All, my name is David and my family is in the process of opening up an indoor shooting range in Monroe Twp. NJ. Some of you may have read in the paper a few years back about us getting approval for it, and we were planning on being up and running by now; however this has proven a difficult task. Every step forward we take, we take 2 steps back. That being said, this is a reality and not just a dream. We have gotten Preliminary site plan approval in September and have to make a few small changes to the plan to resubmit for final site plan approval. We are planning on being a NJGF sponsor in the near future as we get a bit closer. Feel free to post any questions or comments here and I will update this thread once there actually is an update. In the meantime, feel free to visit our website recoilnj.com to view updates and get on our email list.
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