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  1. Well here it is guys and gals: I am honored to be working with Howell Gun Works to make this happen. To celebrate, we will be having an "Open House" of sorts, Saturday, March 7th. I will be there all day with samples of work, and taking in items to Cerakote. There will be 15% off for anyone who drops off that day. Additionally, HGW will take up to 5% off any Firearm purchased in conjunction with Cerakote services the same day. Its going to be fun, so make sure you come down to check out the shop, see some samples, meet us and say hi! www.howellgunworks.com
  2. Nope not Backwoods. There were a few guys at the last Oaks show too, we weren't setup just visiting. They all have boring single color stuff though lol
  3. Backwoods will be setup there. Anyone planning on attending?
  4. Picked up my Saiga this afternoon. Jack had one of the few remaining in the area, and was very helpful. He isn't jacking his prices up due to demand, and the whole process went super smooth. Couldn't ask for a better guy. I will definitely be spending money with him in the near future!!
  5. Check this out ;-)http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/gallery/detail/9067/Cerakote-Custom-Mix-of-H237-Tungsten-with-H146-Graphite-Black/
  6. Anything CAO....i'm a really big fan of the Mx2
  7. Yes sir. Whiting to be exact. Technically in Manchester
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