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  1. Avalanche

    Murder rap for a punch?

    If you murder someone, yes - you should face a murder charge. Very simple.
  2. Avalanche

    Heading to Niagra Falls, what to see?

    I stayed on the Canadian side a few years back - it's like a mini LasVegas, lots to see and walk around and see.
  3. Avalanche

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    "Bushmaster Assault Rifle" What exactly does this mean? Bushmaster AR variants are indeed legal.
  4. Avalanche

    Stun gun/tasers

    Odd, but it still leaves residents open to malicious prosecution, and Im sure many county and local prosecuters will press charges with a smile. You will go broke defending yourself.
  5. Avalanche

    Black Rifle Coffee Company

    Anyone try any of their K-cups you can recommend? I like dark, strong coffee.
  6. Avalanche

    WTB - gun safe/cabinet.

    Thanks for the info everyone.
  7. Looking for a gun safe/cabinet in the Bridgewater area. Would rather have something a little more robust than a Stack On, but would consider them as well.
  8. I dont know - the way I read it it seems like they want to ban lower kits, uppers, and all other manner of parts to complete any lower all together, hope Im just being nervous.
  9. I don't have any 15 round mags, never did. I did buy some PVC pipe from Lowes though, you know - for a potato gun is all.
  10. I have a really light Bushmaster Carbon 15, red dot and magpul accessories, maybe 100 rounds through it. $700 obo.
  11. Avalanche

    Sarco in PA - closed?

    That's a lot of words just to say "I dont know either"
  12. Avalanche

    Sarco in PA - closed?

    Wow, thanks Captain Obvious. I was in the area and decided to stop by, it was odd they were closed and didn't have any info on the door. I called and the phone # and it just rang, no machine or person picked up. You do realize this is a discussion forum to discuss things correct?
  13. Avalanche

    Sarco in PA - closed?

    The above posts say nothing of the sort. I still hope they are open.

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