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  1. Answered you - If anyone is interested, primary arms has Andersons with the open trigger guards for 29.99
  2. **EDIT** Got what I wanted - still interested in good deals however.
  3. Problem is, they will just raise taxes to cover it, they will never blame themselves or cut anything.
  4. No heat yet, I just put the AC on in the house due to the humidity.
  5. Yup - this IS our next governor. Another wall street shill asshole just like Corzine, NJ is doomed.
  6. Looking to pick up some M855 green tip, anyone local to Somerset County have any for sale?
  7. Thanks! I wanted to go this year, but it doesn't look like it's going to work out - this is a great alternative to Lead East, which has become a shit show in the last few years.
  8. Make sure you clean the terminals on the battery and the cable ends every year as well - they will oxidize and even though you have a tight connection, it still acts like a dead battery. I've seen this numerous times, especially with cars that sit and have chargers on them. Also - if it's the GTO, run a ground from the starter to the battery directly (or to the ground post you use on the block/frame) as well. Pontiacs are notorious for heat soak and starter ground issues.
  9. Wow - pretty disappointing. I'm a member there and I enjoy shooting at their range. It's definitely too small to do anything but plink and have fun with a rifle, but the fact that they bragged about 50bmg and then wont let anyone is false advertising. I've recommended the range to a few people and told them that very story, that they can accommodate a 50 if they wanted to. I do get the sense they have some growing pains there and are a bit disorganized or disinterested in people for anything beyond their money.
  10. I can vouch for Arlo Pro's, very nice cameras.
  11. How awful if True. They should sue the attorneys and the Brady Campaign at this point.
  12. Thanks all!!
  13. I expected as much, I respect the vehiment opposition to the idea, but just airing an opinion.
  14. I have to say, gun rentals are a horrible idea. Between people renting to commit suicide and accidental issues, not sure it's a practice that should continue. I know it's no applicable to the current situation and I'll get heat, but IMO - the only people that should be able to rent a gun are FID holders.
  15. Hi all, Im thinking I want to cable lock all my guns as well as have them in my safe, I'll need about 5, anyplace still do freebies? If not, whats the best place to get them? TIA