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  1. If you murder someone, yes - you should face a murder charge. Very simple.
  2. I stayed on the Canadian side a few years back - it's like a mini LasVegas, lots to see and walk around and see.
  3. "Bushmaster Assault Rifle" What exactly does this mean? Bushmaster AR variants are indeed legal.
  4. Odd, but it still leaves residents open to malicious prosecution, and Im sure many county and local prosecuters will press charges with a smile. You will go broke defending yourself.
  5. Anyone try any of their K-cups you can recommend? I like dark, strong coffee.
  6. Thanks for the info everyone.
  7. Looking for a gun safe/cabinet in the Bridgewater area. Would rather have something a little more robust than a Stack On, but would consider them as well.
  8. I dont know - the way I read it it seems like they want to ban lower kits, uppers, and all other manner of parts to complete any lower all together, hope Im just being nervous.
  9. I don't have any 15 round mags, never did. I did buy some PVC pipe from Lowes though, you know - for a potato gun is all.
  10. I have a really light Bushmaster Carbon 15, red dot and magpul accessories, maybe 100 rounds through it. $700 obo.
  11. That's a lot of words just to say "I dont know either"
  12. Wow, thanks Captain Obvious. I was in the area and decided to stop by, it was odd they were closed and didn't have any info on the door. I called and the phone # and it just rang, no machine or person picked up. You do realize this is a discussion forum to discuss things correct?
  13. The above posts say nothing of the sort. I still hope they are open.