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  1. Other than the esthetics and joy of collecting, not sure copper is anything to be stacking up on. I just happen to think metals are really cool, but Ive never gotten into copper.
  2. Since this thread has kind of taken a right turn - some of my favorite silver lately has been Zombucks. The ZomBuff and Dying Eagle are neat.
  3. Hi - Bridgewater - Send me a PM, we'll sort out the particulars.
  4. It's a Delta 219-20-330 4"x6" 110 volt.
  5. Jointer sold via craigslist. Edited post.
  6. Yup - condition is key though. https://www.jmbullion.com/coin-info/dimes/seated-dimes/
  7. I'm looking for any junk/90% silver. Peace dollars, Morgans, dimes, etc etc.
  8. If you murder someone, yes - you should face a murder charge. Very simple.
  9. I stayed on the Canadian side a few years back - it's like a mini LasVegas, lots to see and walk around and see.
  10. "Bushmaster Assault Rifle" What exactly does this mean? Bushmaster AR variants are indeed legal.
  11. Odd, but it still leaves residents open to malicious prosecution, and Im sure many county and local prosecuters will press charges with a smile. You will go broke defending yourself.
  12. Anyone try any of their K-cups you can recommend? I like dark, strong coffee.
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