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  1. Looking to purchase a carbine rifle, primary want is a Beretta CX4. Used in good shape is fine as well. Let me know
  2. Not sure thats the right link, comes back to a hotel.
  3. Looking for range grade brass cased FMJ 45ACP. ~500 rounds.
  4. No - everything is included, this is a 100% ready to go set up. Miller Tig Torch, pedal, Miller stick attachment, everything you need to hit the ground running. Feel free to come check it out.
  5. I have this like new Miller Econtig TIG/ Stick welder. Like new, the stick welder set up has never been used. It's AC/DC so it does aluminum as well. Let me know if you need any other pics. No bottle included. https://www.millerwelds.com/files/ow...s/o167439h.pdf $900obo.
  6. Hi All - I am a backyard metal forger and copper collector. I have been enjoying stripping down copper and creating ingots, so I have a bunch I'd like to sell. These are all roughly 2 pounds of 999 pure copper made from #1 bright scrap and flux cleaned when I melt them for extra cleanliness. They usually weigh anywhere from 30-35 ounces. These are "as cast" and only cleaned up with a brass wire wheel to get the flux and oxidation off them, really nice bars with neat texture and look and they have a cool heft and feel to them. Not looking to make a killing, asking ~20 each, discount for multiples, I can ship USPS fixed rate box. Thanks Pic of some of the actual 2lb bars.
  7. I usually have a pocket knife with me, I have to think I would have dispatched the dog. If you dont have a weapon, I hear choking, restricting it's breathing or gouging the dogs eyes are the best bet.
  8. I was just at Cabela's, lots of ammo, lots of 22lr, prices were normal that I saw.
  9. If you murder someone, yes - you should face a murder charge. Very simple.
  10. I stayed on the Canadian side a few years back - it's like a mini LasVegas, lots to see and walk around and see.
  11. "Bushmaster Assault Rifle" What exactly does this mean? Bushmaster AR variants are indeed legal.
  12. Odd, but it still leaves residents open to malicious prosecution, and Im sure many county and local prosecuters will press charges with a smile. You will go broke defending yourself.
  13. Anyone try any of their K-cups you can recommend? I like dark, strong coffee.
  14. I dont know - the way I read it it seems like they want to ban lower kits, uppers, and all other manner of parts to complete any lower all together, hope Im just being nervous.
  15. I don't have any 15 round mags, never did. I did buy some PVC pipe from Lowes though, you know - for a potato gun is all.
  16. That's a lot of words just to say "I dont know either"
  17. Wow, thanks Captain Obvious. I was in the area and decided to stop by, it was odd they were closed and didn't have any info on the door. I called and the phone # and it just rang, no machine or person picked up. You do realize this is a discussion forum to discuss things correct?
  18. The above posts say nothing of the sort. I still hope they are open.
  19. Hope they are still open, I loved that place - I could spend an hour just walking around and checking stuff out.
  20. Stopped by Sarco today and it was closed up, should be 9-5 today, anyone know if they are still in business? You cant see inside so I couldnt tell if there was any inventory.
  21. No heat yet, I just put the AC on in the house due to the humidity.
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