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  1. I did check beretta usa and they do have extended mag releases and slide releases now. So its getting better all the time now.
  2. I've had a full frame apx for about a year now. I got it pre covid for 350 and it was a solid buy. Trigger stock is pretty fantastic for a cheap plastic framed gun. I put a reduced power striker spring in and it felt really nice pre and post install. The mag release is very positive and easy to hit. Slide hold open is hard to use like a standard Glock one. I wouldn't mind an aftermarket extended one like Glocks have. Especially hard when used as a lefty slide release. Fit and finish is solid. The modularity is inferior to that of the sig. It requires a lot more operations and the spring and pin fiddling can be a pain the first few times. Not really a big deal unless u like swapping frames around like a mad man, but I do have one with finger grooves and one with out and I've swapped back and forth at least 2 or 3 times. And it's easier to do each time. However, actual field stripping is simpler than even the Glock. However, the pin can be rather stiff to rotate initially. The dingus for the firing pin black is weird but I don't foresee it causing any issues. Not particularly sure why it needed to exist but w/e. Sights are good. Nothing to write home about but are easier to pick up on when drawing the pistol. The slide design is meh. Tim from MAC is right. It's not as easy to grip as traditional slide cuts are, but it does the job. I have not put it through a mud test to see how slippery it may get, but I can assume MACs results are quite representative of the nature of the beast. Mags are steel which is cool. Solidly built. And weren't stupid expensive when I started getting myself a uspsa setup. Overall for 350 bucks it was a steal when I got it on GunBroker pre covid pricing. I know they are gone up since. I'd say even at a price comparable to a Glock 19, a Glock needs a trigger to feel like the apx does in terms of shootability, so I'd say it's still an ok alternative to another Glock should you have one. But if you want really good 3rd party support, glock would be the clear winner. As that's what hurts the apx most.
  3. Brass looks normal? No abnormalities? Seems like something is slowing down the slide velocity or there is a burr or something in the chamber or the rails perhaps? If you take pics and post em. Others with keener eyes might notice something out of whack too.
  4. Take a look at the XD45. People seem to praise them. If you don't like the grip safety then just have it pinned.
  5. Meissama

    Dry fire question

    Only time dry firing could cause ill for your weapons is if it's a rim fire gun or a very old weapon. I would say pre-60s. Rim fire u can peen the chamber causing rounds to not chamber or eject properly or you could damage the firing pin. Also Pre-60s and beyond firearms the metallurgy wasn't what it is today and thus dry firing "could" damage components but using a dummy round will prevent most potential danger. I dry fire my cz 75 all the time. You wouldn't notice it.
  6. If it's going to be a range toy and HD. A potential option to shoot for is a full size cz75 or SP-01 then also get the kadet adapter. Kadet doesn't need a p2p so that saves you some hassle and you can get 2 guns basically in under 30 days. It's much more reliable than most other drop in solutions. I love my setup on my sp-01 tactical. Otherwise, G17 or G19 is simply the easiest way to go and has the best aftermarket suppose if you decide to spruce it up.
  7. I just got my hands on a pretty k31 after I fell in love with the straight pull action of a close friends k11 and from what everyone has told me, a k31 should be a tack driver and I feel it is appropriate to get it fitted for a scope. However, I do not want to do anything permanent to the rifle so I was looking at the no gunsmithing mounts for k31s and just wondered what other fellow lefties felt about the mount. Thanks for any insight you guys(and maybe ladies) can impart to me.
  8. Totally thought SS was referring to stainless steel was about to say... wtf. But now i get it...
  9. And if you want a polymer gun, check out the p09 which is a full length polymer cz or the p07 version 2 which is the compact cz. Version 2 has front cocking serrations and replacable backstraps to tell it apart. What's nice is that they come with 15rd magazines standard. The older p07 had 16rds so you would have to get the neutered 10 rd mags.
  10. I would just goto a shop and hold both. It really depends on what's more comfortable. 19 might make a better all round gun if you only want one gun. Small enough for carry/hide around the house for HD, good enough for plinking, and recoil isn't that terrible, its not the size of the sub compacts so not like its hard to keep a grip on it. 17 is just a little bigger so might be better if you are caring about accuracy (tho that's a moot point) and recoil impulse will be about the same cause while the 17 has a bigger frame it also has a bigger slide. So kind of evens out and what differences there is isn't very noticeable.
  11. Could be that you may just have a slight burr on the slide. If it is it'll wear away before it ever affects the barrel itself.
  12. Definitely no polymer guns, small steel framed ones would work, but soup nazi is definitely right if u want total reliability.
  13. I vote p07 but make sure u get the version 2 model. Has replaceable backstraps, slight modifications to the overall carry size and I believe its a 15rd mag standard some had 16 rd capacities. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/09/jeremy-s/cz-p07-then-vs-now/ Heres a good comparison article.
  14. Do you know the limits of your grip? Can you handle a 9x19 (standard 9mm)? If not you can look into either a 380acp or 9mm Makarov. A polish p64 is a great kind of small HD gun. There is a good amount of high quality HD rounds as well as dirt cheap steel cased stuff to practice with. The smaller size of the gun should let you easily get a good controlling grip on it while also it being very rugged and pretty cheap. You can sometimes snatch them up for under 300-250 dollars.
  15. You can get the original front handles from the carved wood or you can put on a rail system or some hogue grips that have the rails on the bottom for relative cheapness. However with a grip on the front you may draw attention. It isn't illegal as it's still registered as a rifle but if people think its a pistol (which i think all are illegal in NJ because of weight/shroud) and a front handle on a pistol is a no go in any state of the union far as i know, you may run into people giving you crap about or at least trying to...
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