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  1. But he *is* the target… What if you're hunting intruders?
  2. Sadly, the only thing specified in the law is that they not be there. People hope/assume that the ATF's acceptance of pinning and welding to consider the 2 parts as 1 is good for NJ, but they could cut the break off and go "There! Threads! 10 years in jail." if they really wanted to. Since NJ likes to base it's "laws" on product branding, red LocTight which is advertised as permanent, might be valid, but who knows. If a cop did it, it would be ok I bet. Regular people? /shrug
  3. Or they get a 16" and don't even think about it.
  4. Or… just use the wayback machine ;-) https://web.archive.org/web/20200915072826/https://ghostgunner.net/
  5. I wanted to apply for a carry permit about 10 years ago and the local chief told me don’t bother. He said that even if he approved it the judge would deny it because I’m not an ex cop and being in the military did not matter. It would just be a waste of the application fee. With responses like that no wonder few people other than those who would certainly be approved apply. At least the chief was honest but It still sucks. But for the application numbers to be used against people wanting to carry is reprehensible. The court should make New Jersey do the paperwork for free if the application is denied, then you’ll see who tries to apply. The courts could look into who is rich, related to a public official or who is an ex cop and has a carry permit versus who is an average citizen and has a carry permit. I bet those numbers would be interesting.
  6. Hey now 9mm is .354 cal… .357 is close enough! ;-)
  7. That’s a 9mm not the 22mag. The .22 has no trigger exposed until you cock the hammer back.
  8. I will say the North American arms pug is a ton of fun. 22mag and it’s like 3” long. I’ve heard of people putting them on a keychain in free states, and other models have a belt buckle holster. You can also get a 22lr cylinder for it
  9. Why go 10mm when you can have https://americanguncraft.com/products/ ? No papers needed comrade!
  10. I highly recommend https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taurus_Model_617 but it's .38 spl. 357 mag. I also love the Ruger 22/45 with 4" bbl. Get a can for it if you ever leave NJ :-) with the right subsonic ammo it's silent.
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