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  1. Picked up this at Jersey Elite Manufacturing (JEM). Had the owner build it right in front of me which was fun to watch. Nice and friendly guy to work with when asking for certain things on the rifle. This has a Distressed Cerakote 16" barrel with the hand guard all the way to the front. Merry Christmas to me!
  2. I have had mine for a few weeks and after a lot of dry firing and a few trips to the range the trigger pull does smooth out a bit. I remember it being not as smooth before wanting to get a trigger job on it but not wanting to put more money into the piece. Was told that I could make the trigger pull smoother by doing it myself but I am not brave enough to attempt on my own, yet.
  3. Xtreme Bullets has 15% off and free shipping. http://www.xtremebullets.com/category-s/48407.htm
  4. They usually have that stuff in stock. but it's been a while since I been there. Your best bet is to call ahead, Nice group out there.
  5. You could try and wait for Black Friday. I went to the Heritage of Easton on Black Friday and picked up a S&W ar15 sport for under $600 about 2 years ago. Basic rifle but works like a champ. Never had any problems except normal human error.
  6. How do the Wednesday practice nights run? Is there a RO, timers, and corse of fire? How come the practice event comes after the Sunday event?
  7. Thanks Bob, for the wealth of information on revolvers and I think I will keep this around for a little while and just stick with a little trigger work to make it a little smoother. I'll get another in the future and make that one more towards competition. Not need to sell when I can add to the collection.
  8. Thanks Alec, That site looks good. I got it for home defense and range use. Like to use it for Idpa only a few times a year.
  9. Thanks Pizza Bob for the insight. I meant to talk to you yesterday about some options and kept getting sidetracked with building and breaking down the area. I think I am going to just stick to the speed loaders for now and use it for the IDPA matches. I been practicing with the 5 Star loaders and it's been working pretty good dropping out of the loaders. I bought a few things from 5 Star and they look almost too nice to use. Loaders are smooth and I am figuring out the proper placement of the hands and fingers when loading for 6 rounds. Stayed a bit after the match and test fired/break in the new pistol and there is no comparison to the look and feel to any slide lock pistols that I have shot in the past, glad I went this route. In the future I will probably get a 8 round .45 acp for USPSA. Are there any tip you can give proper care for the pistol? Like: Is it ok to dry fire? Is there any damage that can happen when flipping the cylinder open one handed? Is it ok to wrist flip the chamber closed after loading? Pushing down hard on the cartridge release is ok? Silly question I know, just thought I ask.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I will take that into consideration for the warranty issue.
  11. New to the revolvers and like to just starting off by saying "WOW she's Beautiful!" I'm thinking of loading with moonclips and the cylinder would have to get cut to accept them to fit in. Question If I get someone to cut the cylinder and want to just load with a different speed loader or without the moonclips will the pistol still operate normally? Or will there be a bigger gap between the firing pin and the primer to keep from going off. Picked up a 686 plus at a good price and just tested out some reloading loads after breaking her in and she performed great.
  12. Just used it, Thank You for the heads up.
  13. There are always spots open on the pistol ranges and rim fire section. As for the rifle range I can get crowded towards late morning and beyond where you might have to wait a bit for a spot to open. The earlier you go the better. Also depends on the weather. The colder/hotter the less amour of people.
  14. Getting Started in Practical Shooting....with a Revolver posted Mar4 2016 Just started reading through this post and it has a lot of good info to work with. Thanks Pizza Bob
  15. Fun shooting with ya yesterday, it's the new guy on the field. I'll startup the research department and look into the 686 SSR. Thanks
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