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  1. + on Global Knifes + on OLDER Ontairo old hickory + on Victorinox I am a furniture maker and sharpen blades daily, diamond stones, water stones and oil stones. Steels are diferent, some hold a edge well, hard to sharpen- softer steels, don't roll an edge easy to sharpen and every where in between. If the blade on your knife has not patina to a golden color, it is not a true carbon steel, like O1 or 1095. A nice Swedish SS steel is 12c27, very much like a carbon steel, but some anti rusting propertys. I use Global, nice steel, good ergomomics, one piece handle. My daily knife to process meat for my dogs is a older Ontairo old hickory carbon steel knife. The blade has patina to a golden color, sharpens very easely and will not chip or roll an edge when I hit bone. I do not think prodution knifes are sharp out of the box. A knife steel will roll back the edge of the blade, but I would not call it sharpend. The best Knife is a sharp one.
  2. Krdshrk, any time, your a good shooter and a class act. Glen, Glad you and Caroline had a good time. Yes the early Winnys 101 20Ga are special.
  3. Thank's Guys for a nice day of shooting, wonderful conversations and letting me try some different guns. looking forward to the next shoot. Don
  4. I would like to join you guys if you don't mind. Thrower, License and I do have eyes and ears. Thanks!
  5. I am a full time furniture maker, hand tools are my thing. To look at quality; Allentown Woodcraft, Lie Neilson will be at Willards Lumber Nov 14-15. Tools for Working Wood, Brooklyn, bring money you will not leave there with out a purchase. Vintage is great if you can rehab an old tool (straighten /sharpen saws, tune planes, ect). I could set you up with a saw, plane and chisel, the hands to use them you will have to supply. Enjoy
  6. +2 On the Fiskars 36" handle. Moved all my other mauls to far corner storage. Wedges do not come out very often, mostly to half 36''+ rounds, Fiskars handles 99% of the hand spliting. I like the older steel wedges I find, Better steel and taper. I split about 6 to 10 cords a year, not all by hand. Timberwolf helps out. Enjoy
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