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  1. M7 or A8? next ?.....when do i get a ride? M7.
  2. I have a 2016 ZO6 and my advice is go for it. You only live once. Yeah, it is crazy-fast as hell. If you can afford it do it.
  3. Guns & Roses Toms River $35.00 + $15.00 NICS
  4. well, you can bet it's not me! Still on the wagon 8 years running.
  5. This whole thing is being dug up by COLTGUY vs Guns & Roses.
  6. Buying used is a total risk if the seller does not have the original sale receipt.
  7. There is no way to check serial numbers as an FFL.
  8. We found out then they were reported stolen. Three were sold. We had them returned to us from the customers and we refunded them the monies in full. We took the loss. We sued the criminal. She is doing 2 years in prison.
  9. We then sold them. The family of the Alzheimer's man came to see him 7 months later and discovered that person living there without approval and the stolen guns.
  10. In this one case the criminal was staying with a man who had Alzheimer's. She stole the guns and sold them to us claiming they were found in a clean out. We held them for awhile.
  11. There is no way to tell if it is stolen. We do not have access to that info. We hold them for a certain period of time.
  12. We purchase from the customer(you).
  13. I know three people who purchased guns there that were reported stolen 7 months after they were sold to my shop. All three were refunded IN FULL. We took the loss Mr. Roth.
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