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  1. what do we do with all of our 15 round mags? I'm guessing we could have them pinned for only 10. Any recommendations in Sussex county area to that kind of work?
  2. One final time, did you use satin or gloss wipe on poly and did it get darker after you applied the poly? I'm in the process with only the poly left to do. Very happy with it. thanks for the help
  3. Do you remember what color stain you used? I like the color
  4. I think it may be the flash. when lined up next to a black polymer stock it looks the same. The mags are no where near new and for $2.67 for the dye, I'm happy. I'll examine them in the sunlight and see if I need to dip them again. That'll be the true test
  5. What's the easiest way to post pictures?
  6. looks great!!! Did you use the credit card and iron the wood? how long did it take from start to finish?
  7. I have a Timbersmith laminate wood Bulgarian red stock set that looks very red and not dark enough for my taste. Has anyone refinished a laminate stock set and what's the easiest/best way of doing this?
  8. Just wanted to update everyone. I dyed them black with Rit Dye from Walmart, had them soak for 10 minutes and they came out amazing! You'd never tell they used to be brown. They are circle 21 mags and they were brown. thanks for help everyone.
  9. I have a few 15/30 polymer mags that are brown and I want to paint them black. anyone have any tips like which paint would work best? thanks
  10. great info and thanks for the feed back. should I be worried about water getting the gun powder wet?
  11. picked up some 5.45 x 39mm ammo from a buddy, few hundred rounds for free. about half of them have some corrosion on them. seen a youtube video showing someone using vinegar and salt solution to clean them. Any thoughts about this?
  12. Looking to take my 22LR in for some work. I know he comes highly recommended but does anyone have an idea how long on average he takes for repairs? Naturally it depends on the repair but generally is it 1-2 weeks or more like 6-8 weeks...again on average. thanks
  13. same here, I too am waiting for a check from Saturday.
  14. I went to see the 41 yesterday in person and began talking to the 2 guys over at the store in Rahway and they both stated something that is still resignating with me. They stated that if I went with a 9mm or .40 that I would regret not buying the larger caliper, I couldn't help but agree with them 100%. I was hoping to hear from someone who currently owns one but that's ok considering its new. I am going with a buddy who owns a 9mm and a .45 next week to Belleville to fire some shots. While he doesn't have the G41 that I want, hopefully it'll help me make my decision. The 9mm option I am considering is the Baretta 92 fs Inox which is the stainless steel version. I do love the 2 tone look.
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