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  1. Thank you very much for all the replies... I guess it's up to me now to make a decision on what I want to to,,, not liking the cost to thread... Might as well leave it and spend the money somewhere else
  2. Yes it is a bare muzzle... But it seems to be bigger than mil spec for just threading and installing a brake... Just wondering if anyone else has had this identical rifle and added a brake with maybe a bigger thread. If I went 1/2" 28 I would have to get the barrel turned down...then threaded. If i found a decent brake in a 3/4" 16 or 24 I could just thread it
  3. Hello all new to this site, and have a few questions.. I have an m&p 15 sport carbine length 5.56 with a 3/4" outside diameter barrel. All the mb's I see are 1/2 28. What are my options?? I like going to the range and getting a few follow up shots in close succession is pretty hard with muzzle rise.. Didn't want to drop a ton of money into it as it is an entry level low budget rifle. That is a tack driver I might add.
  4. Hello my names Chris, I've been lurking for a few days and there's a lot of useful information here.. Thank you very much... Hello to all!
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