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  1. Carcano, I read this post when it first started and was not happy the way it transpired between you and R & R. It seems that something simple got blown out of proporsion on both of your parts. You said your side of the story and bad mouthed the business which I believe is very one sided. Okay now it goes away and then you bring it up again in April of this year again WHY to hurt the mans business again. If I were him I would be pissed also and try and retaliate back against you also. Why don't you let a sleeping dog lay there. You seem very vindictive . Buster
  2. change password

  3. Raz, sorry I did not get back to you sooner but I did some research to make sure my facts are correct. First off the club counsel is not a member nor ever was, why would this be a conflict of interest. Second the hoe was never intended to dress the pits and has more then paid for itself since no outside contractors need to be hired for a great deal of the projects around the club. As far as you saying they almost ruined the pits for matches, the pits are for members first of all, then matches,I think the bod walks a thin line when it comes to keeping everyone happy and they did a great job with the pits. I got my new badge and really like it and did some research as to why a metal badge now, it seems the cost of printing new badges every year was quite expensive and now these are permanent with just stickers being sent out each year. This appears to be the bod trying to save money.
  4. Raz, you have no idea what your talking about, you appear to be the one listening to rumors and spreading same. Get active with the working of the club as a great many of us do and then you can talk , otherwise get your facts straight. Do you really believe that no matter how much we have in a legal fund that we can beat the state, DUH. The shotgun fields were done in 1989, get up to date.
  5. Raz, get your head out of the sand. When was the club ever near bankruptcy??? As for the legal fund I believe there is over 400K in it. As far as the club being not for profit, I believe that was done prior to this board. I think that since you are such a expert in all these issues that the next election you should run for the board.
  6. I love the way rumors get started. You people should get the facts before you write something down. That BOD at CJ has done more in the past few years then any previous board did in 20 years. I think members should attend a BOD meeting from start to finish then form their own opinion.
  7. The bowling pin match is still on. Hopefully someone will step up and help run the steel only match's.
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