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  1. A nice liter bottle of Duvel.
  2. I agree with you. I guess my purpose for starting this thread was to highlight the really bad shops. Shops that won't go out of their way for the customer. Shops that aren't only aimed at one type of customer but are aimed at making a killing for themselves only. This can always be seen by very high prices, higher prices for ordering what isn't in stock and no customer service at all. Although most shops fit in your description there are still a handfull in this state that will plain old rip you off. Luckily one of them was closed because they didn't pay their taxes. You would never want to place an order there.
  3. Where have you had bad experiences, high prices and downright lousy service?
  4. Believe me, nobody is going to be found guilty or go to jail. There were no improper payments. This is really a fantasy dreamed up by some disgruntled members. Prior to payments going out it was checked by an attorney and brought to the membership at a meeting. Any scene you can think of can be turned around to make it look improper unless all the facts are on the table. George and his buddies are in fantasy land as will be proven.
  5. Everyone should know that using club property for financial gain is forbidden by club rules.
  6. I believe the 10 ft from the berm is for all pits including the longer ones. That rule is for everyone every day except for a match. At least that is my understanding. You would have to check with the BOD to be sure.
  7. Just a warning..If yhey see you with clays on the range they will make you stop box underneath or not. It gives everyone else the impression that it is OK.
  8. Clays are definately forbidden anyplace but the shotgun ranges at CJRPC. If a board member were to come by and see this I am sure it would lead to an invitation to the board meeting.
  9. I shot there twice. I just didn't feel safe knowing that the person in the next port might have a gun in his hands for the first time with no instruction. I could just invision him racking the slide with his finger on the trigger and the muzzle pointed directly at me. I am not saying to ban rentals but simply limit them to persons with an instructor present or to a firearm owner simply looking to try another gun he may want to buy. Past that rentals with a DL only should be outlawed.
  10. On a rare occasion I will be at the club on new member night. Last year I believe we averaged about 50 members a month. I can certainly see that the double wide had a purpose since there was absolutely no room in the clubhouse. At first I questioned the need but just for the fact of the new members as well as the handicap access I believe it to be a good idea. I go to most general membership meetings and can tell you without a doubt that the vote by the membership to put in the DW was an overwhelming yes. I have not seen any large amounts of money spent without a vote of the membership. As for the HP berm I believe the BOD is getting ready to do the lead reclamation this year or next with a complete rebuild of the HP and GP ranges. I think we belong to possibly the best club on the east coast and we are complaining that it is not run correctly. Seems to be very contradictive. I also asked when we would be getting more steel targets but was told that the different disciplines (steel & IPSC) did not want them since they interfere with their matches. Not sure if this is true but it is what I was told. I did not mean to infer that anyone was putting out any money of their own when I said their expense I simply meant time away from their families for the clubs benefit.
  11. I am new to NJGF but over the past two days I have been told to get an account and see what is going on. I have been a CJ member for about 10 years. I usually shoot there twice a week as well as shooting some of the weekend matches.I don't know how often some of you are there but everytime I shoot I see some of the board members there. Not misusing funds but building, cleaning and maintaining the club for the members. Today I was there and Art Quintalino was even cutting the grass. Joe (not sure of his last name) was out cleaning with a work party. I always see Art Q, Walt Bachmann, Mike Amico and John Scott donating much time to help make things better for us. These board members do not get paid for their service. They care enough about the club to take care of it and actually save us money in the process. I cant speak for the other board members since I don't see them at the club. I don't know how anyone else feels but I for one am grateful for those directors that care enough to maintain our club at their own expense and hope the caliber of the others not mentioned approaches that of the few I do know.
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