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  1. NJ Sig...What about Amazon and the up coming 20 to 1 stock split on June 3rd.. A single share will equal 20 shares.
  2. Safemoon getting listed, should be a nice ride. I also jumped in on Shiba, also on Bitmart. Word is Elon supposed to support of ADA, Big things ahead for ADA even if Elon doesn't support. Honestly hope he doesn't. Ohh also bought some Bitmart. Good exchange, can see people using it to find those hidden gems.
  3. To stay sane you have to laugh!! Reminds me of Un Foo Foo.. Eddie... I want half Eddie.. lol
  4. Mal, Have you checked out Pancake Swap? I realized what I was doing wrong on it... Why it wasn' going through. Never white listed my address's. By default even when the options off on your account. You have to white list the address your sending it to..
  5. Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts. We have aprox 4, 5 months left of this bull cycle. Historically BTC will start falling in September, October. This is when its recommend to sell and invest in a stable coin. Until you see an opportunity arise. Their will be some... but not like its been. Just fair warning. Now there's a chance we see a "Super Cycle" that runs up past Sept. Oct. This would be an anomaly. For a while now... You almost can't pick a wrong crypto. as long as you stick to the main exchanges. Yes!! were in the infancy stages for a lot of these Alt coins. Hell even BTC and ETH are going to explode over the next few years . Wait to these coins are available directly for retirement accounts, Crypto Self Directed IRA Hell yeah!!
  6. I aint afraid of Dying, But i am afraid sometimes I'm not living..... lol Then crypto pumps and wham Im back.... ADA baby!!! Finally starting to move... And then it dies. lol Tezos is looking great!!
  7. Doge is back up, gonna see some more sell offs.. But SOB its gonna hit $1 If I had a position.. I wouldnt wait for that $1 target though.. Sell most at $.95 just to be safe. When it hits that magic number...Watch out bellow... Timber.. lol I figured out what was wrong with Pancake Swap. Using binance wallet you have to white list account addresses by default. Even when its off. Safemoon is on the comeback.. bought at .000000666 <----- Price should of been a hint to wait. was down to .0000003 now at .0000005 Diversifying in crypto helps ease the pain of stock market.. Crypto keeps me in the green
  8. Check out NNDM Nano Dimensions. They 3D print Electrical / Mechanical components.
  9. Safemoon!! Yes, bit of a process.... Trying to use pancake swap to purchase. But having issue with Bin wallet connecting.... Gave up on PS. Follow your directions, .... thank you. Now any move to around a cent would be nice start... lol
  10. I feel ya Chef, Could of killed it with Doge.had I kept.. But turned $50 into $200. Had i timed it better $600... Next time... lol Stocks still blaahhh.. PLTR, BNGO, LAZR, DNN, Still in the red with all of them.. Even NIO. But there on the rebound. Been a lousy couple weeks for stock picks. For NFT's i'm in on ONE, and OMI. For crypto, What yas think about CAKE... pancake swap??
  11. Displaced Texan, Nice Pick. I'm adding ADA, BTC and ETH once I get tax return. And with Stimuli's money coming out end of the month. BTC and ETH should see another surge..
  12. I'm missing out on Baking. Have to learn more about it. Hows it working out for you? You recommend?
  13. Have No Fear Crypto Bros.... Well...If your using leverage to trade..Then you should be scared shitless....JK JK.. nothing to fear. Although I'm only trading straight up. . Were still in a Bull Run. Looking at 1 Wk chart. Historically its been around 40% drop for it to be looking Bearish. Anyone subscribe to Motley?? Saw it mentioned... I've been on the fence.. Mainly due to the cost...vrs investing what it cost.. lol I remember seeing a 5G stock they were hinting was going to moon.
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