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  1. In the future I would recommend you're friend asking here or similar forum first. Or duckduckgo it It'll help prevent unnecessary road blocks. best of luck
  2. Gun for hires having a weekend package for long range precision shooting. Its a stay over. 1st day class then following day range. They provide meals hotel and transportation to hotel, range then back to gun for hire. I'd love to take this course, but it's not in budget.
  3. Its great to see responsible gun owners come together. Already a lot of great ideas posted. Look forward to seeing the signs. Heres a few more. If you're affraid of Guns, Cars should give you a heart attack The Media Wants You Afraid and Unarmed, gives them more to report on! Its WRONG 2 take away my RIGHT GUNS SAVE LIVES 2, . New Jersey NOT New GUN LAWS When Police are on there way. You're gun's the safest way! Responsible Gun Owner IS 1St Response Front of Sign: I'm Smart Reverse: I know it was you Fredo
  4. My 1st thought is Supply & Demand. $$$$ $10 a piece. Dealers dream makes sense why none have in stock.. Other thoughts Alibaba. Amazon Although at $5 a set... I'd be laughing all the way to my mail box. lol Hope all works out for ya.
  5. On September 23rd, gun owners from around the state will converge on the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal for the third annual NJ SAFE Conference - a gathering and convention of New Jersey gun owners! ANJRPC is a platinum sponsor of this event. The event will feature an incredible lineup of speakers and exhibitors. Featured speakers include NRA News host Cam Edwards, gun rights lawyers Evan Nappen and Dan Schmutter, ANJRPC Executive Director and NRA Board Member Scott Bach, Gun For Hire Radio Host Anthony Colandro, and many more. The New Jersey State Police will also give a presentation and be available to answer attendee's questions. A special 4 hour continuing legal education seminar on Firearms and Mental Health is available the day before the conference. Courses are also available for NJ Self Defense/Use of Force and Utah CCW. Registration for the conference and all courses can be completed online. Exhibitors and sponsors include ANJRPC, Gun for Hire, Henry Repeating Arms, NRA, U.S. Law Shield, GunSitters, Driven Inbound, and many more. ANJRPC members can receive a 20% discount off of the $20 attendance fee. Enter coupon code "ANJRPC" when registering online to get the discount. Utah CCW Class $80. Sept 22
  6. Thanks Krdshrk, will do that now. I have to take the class though. Ill check the sched.
  7. I'm looking for sponsorship, if membership is still open.
  8. Lmao! [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  9. Family1st


    Medved11 appreciate the info. I'm check them out. .
  10. Family1st


    And i dont see any horns. Has anyone tried one of the ACOG knock offs. Stumbled one some on wish.com they range from $60 to $125. Which says enough. But if reviews are genuine. Some seem worth the gamble. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  11. The XDM is 16 round mags. Is this NJ compliant?
  12. I had 3 PTP's expire, issued same time as my FID. Didn't realize they were only good for 3 months at a time. Only realized after sending paperwork to FFL after purchasing HG. Had to go through the whole process over again, 6 weeks later I was approved for 3 more. And was able to pick up purchase. Made sure to not let 2 remaining PTP's expire. Renewed for another 3 months. Was awfully disappointing realizing the ordeal one must go through to purchase HG in NJ.
  13. Family1st

    AR-15 pistol?

    Krdshrk, THAT MADE MY WEEK. lmao!! My other favorite is "Let me see you're war face" "Bullshit You dont scare me....work on it"
  14. I'm furious for you, 6 to 8 weeks. They have the faulty one, why not ship you a working one.?? At least until there done fixing original.
  15. Doesn't have to be.. i'm looking for 40 or even 45 have enough in 9mm. looking to change it up. Although the price for the FN is only in 40 if memory servers me correctly. The XDM a little more in 45. think 499.
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