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  1. The NJ2AS suit is essentially dead. The motion for the preliminary injunction was effectively withdrawn at the State's request under the mantle of an indefinite postponement of further briefing with the NJ2AS's consent. This led the judge to dismiss the motion for the injunction. The larger suit is not dismissed but it doesn't appear that NJ2AS intends to litigate further for a prompt injunction enjoining the State from again suspending what little 2A rights we have left.
  2. You're right. ANJRPC and NJ2AS should use Murphy's public statements against him just like the liberal groups did against Trump when they challenged his EOs on illegal immigrants. His comments belie the ostensible public purpose rationalizations.
  3. The ANJRPC alert does say that NICS will reopen. This seems like an obvious attempt by Murphy to moot the ANJRPC and NJ2AS lawsuits. Both should continue however and obtain a ruling that the EO was an infringement of core 2A rights; that no level of scrutiny applies; and enjoining the State from further infringements.
  4. Any information on whether the NICS service is open again, however? Without NICS, this development is only half the job.
  5. Gun shops now considered essential businesses. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/03/gun-shops-are-now-considered-essential-businesses-in-nj-gov-murphy-says.html
  6. Update: In the NJ2AS case, the State must oppose by April 3; the NJ2AS reply is due April 7, I believe. No date for argument or decision. In the ANJRPC case, the motion for the injunction is not currently accelerated for further briefing and hearing. The default return date is late April, about a month from now. The Association's brief is excellent. Hope it will attempt to expedite this as to dispute may be largely moot given the slow pace of regular motion practice.
  7. There are two separate cases before different federal judges. One by NJ2AS, the other by ANJRPC. The NJ2AS case had the conference. No word on line so far. The ANJRPC case was filed yesterday, March 25, and moved for an injunction today. The State has not filed responses in either matter thus far.
  8. The NJ2AS has applied for an order to the Governor/Superintendent to show cause why a preliminary injunction should not be issued reopening firearms dealers and NICS. The court has scheduled a telephone conference on the case at 3:00 PM today, March 26.
  9. While I applaud NJ2AS for the immediate filing of suit challenging the order to close, it must apply for the preliminary injunction now. Our fundamental 2A rights are being denied daily while 7-11s and WaWa remain open. A right delayed is a right denied.
  10. Maybe someone can clarify this for me: did the guard's carry permit which he had on his person that night have restrictions on it or not? Prosecutor's position seems to be that the judge issuing the permit limited it to carrying only while on duty. If that's the case, then he did not have the right to wear his firearm when driving home from work and needed to transport unloaded and secured like the rest of us. On the other hand, if the permit he was issued contained no restrictions on it, and he was never served with the underlying order granting the permit but imposing the conditions, then he had the right I believe to rely upon that to lawfully transport with a loaded firearm on his hip.
  11. Yes, they can walk away from the case by declaring it moot. There is longstanding doctrine that there must be an actual case or controversy for the SCOTUS to decide. If they find it moot, they will dismiss the case without a decision on the merits. There would most certainly be a majority or plurality opinion addressing mootness as well as a dissent by Gorsuch, Alito, Thomas and likely Kavanaugh though I can see Kavanaugh vote mootness if he knows the Chief is committed to that position, just to avoid further leftist criticism that he's in the tank for the conservatives. If they vote mootness, however, they still have to act on the petitions they are holding for Rogers, Gould and Cheeseman. If they grant cert in any of these cases, there's no way NJ or MA is going to moot the case by suddenly eliminating "justifiable need" for carry permits. I read the transcript. In my view, the Chief is going to wimp out and vote with the liberals on mootness and thus kick the can down the road once more.
  12. I didn't see this discussed before. If I overlooked it, please forgive me. On May 20, 2019, the Administrative Director of the Courts in NJ issued a directive outlining uniform procedures to be followed by Superior Court judges when considering carry permit applications, whether approved or denied by the local chief of police; and denials of FPID cards and handgun purchase permits. Mandates a hearing before decision if the court has any concerns about whether a permit should be issued and mandates adherence to a 30 day review period. Also, the NJ Supreme Court heard argument in the Carlstrom case yesterday which is to decide whether a carry permit applicant is entitled to a hearing before the Superior Court rules on whether a permit should be granted/denied. The Court will likely defer to this directive on a going-forward basis. Not sure if Lou Nappen's client is going to get his hearing, however. Several of the judges questioned what type of meaningful evidence Carlstrom could have presented that would have made a difference. May 20, 2019 Directive on Gun Permits (07384020xA1E35).pdf
  13. Agree that there are likely 4 votes. However, I do not think the 4 will vote to grant cert. unless they are highly confident that the Chief will join them in an opinion on the merits. Otherwise, they run the risk of a 5-4 decision against public carry if Roberts votes with the liberals.
  14. Nice job on the petitioner's reply by Dan Schmutter and colleagues. I too would handicap SCOTUS like PDM. The wild card is Roberts and I'm sure he is wrestling with the impact on the country, given its current state of political division, if the Court forces all the blue states to allow some form of carry outside the home. Libturd heads would explode everywhere.
  15. I am happy to report that the Supreme Court today denied NYC's motion to put the briefing of this case on hold while it considers amending its unconstitutional ban on travel with a gun outside the five boroughs: "Motion of respondents to hold briefing schedule in abeyance DENIED."
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