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  1. Nice looking rifle, good choices on parts, great choice on barrel, you won't be disappointed. If the LOP is too short for your comfort you can add a MAG350 butt pad to gain another 1/2".
  2. It has nothing to do with sights or optics, gas length is either carbine-7", mid-9", rifle-12", and now an intermediate is being used by some, the longer the tube the longer the dwell time for the gas to push the bolt back, therefore a somewhat perceived softer recoil. An adjustable gas block will allow you to decrease or increase the amount of gas to tailor it to the load you are using. I can cut mine back to almost feel like a 22, with a light bullet. A free floating handguard will allow the barrel to move on its own without disturbing the harmonics of the barrel.
  3. I used a Black Hole Weponary barrel 18", rifle length gas with a Syrac adjustable gas block, stainless steel - black shot peened and target crown, the nice thing about this company is you can order almost any option/configuration you can think of. An 18" pencil barrel is only 1.55 lbs. but fluting is not available on such a light barrel.
  4. Here's a BHW 1-8 18" barrel w/ a rifle gas system and adjustable gas block, can dial down to shoot w/ almost no recoil.
  5. I've recently bought from Cheyenne Mountian in Bordentown, CCI small and large pistol primers along with Bullseye, Unique and CFE pistol, CFE pistol works well for both 9 & 45. Wideners and Midsouth are also sources online, if you buy enough sometimes even with the Haz-Mat fee it's cheaper.
  6. Another option is to use a target crown barrel to eliminate the brake.
  7. According to Hodgdon's website; "Lead bullets and copper plated lead bullets yield very similar pressure and velocity results, so when the weights are the same, the same data may be used for each." So I would start with Hodgdon's data, 3.9 for LRN for Tightgroup.
  8. Maybe Perkins on 571 just off of 130 in East Windsor, they have a "back dining room" for groups.
  9. No info on the Oculus but I have two AR Bushnell's a 1x4 and a 4.5x18, your welcome to look at them at Range 14. I was set on a Vortex but I liked the reticle and the shorter length of the Bushnell's. (From what I've read the Oculus is similar to the Bushnell Elite series.)
  10. I thought there would be many responses to this, maybe some people don't know or remember Red Skeleton but looking at this video he was ahead of his time, what I remember most is that he was a gentleman and he never used foul language to get a joke.
  11. I use a Primary Arms brand extended mount, ($59.) it will put the centerline of the scope 1 1/2" above the rail.
  12. I just bought a Black Hole Weaponry, many options to order the barrel how you want it, mine is a 18" 5.56 1/8 Twist, Black Shot Peened, 416R Stainless Steel, 3 Polygonal Rifling, Target Crown. I paid less than $220 on sale. http://www.blackholeweaponry.com
  13. I purchased a LPK with Magpul grip from PSA w/o a trigger and used an ACT trigger with Wolff springs, Magpul fixed stock with extended butt pad and the buffer assembly from Anderson.
  14. Black Hole Weaponary has many choices, I just bought an 18" 5.56 1-8 Target Crown SS Black Shot Peened, haven't assembled yet, waiting on Handguard.
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