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  1. AMEN TO THAT!!!!! then we could have a prosperous middle class again.
  2. yes, well said. and I am now fully understanding the importance of the 'rail, 13+1' features. Didn't consider the mag capacity. thank you.
  3. Thank you very much to all, even got a chuckle out of some of the comments, good way to start the day. i like this STI idea.... intriguing question.... and man oh man them XD's are purdy thanks again, buy american!!
  4. BLAH GLOCK BLAH GLOCK BLAH GLOCK. I am 45 yrs old and I am so disgusted with the almost complete disappearance of American pride thru manufacturing and industry. We gave it all away to countries 4,000 -8,000 miles away, and I'm pretty sure the middle class is slowly disappearing. Because that's my class, and I am barely scraping by (thanks NJ!!!). Anyway, look. I know GLOCKS are infallible. But only a handful are made in America. I want my money to support an AMERICAN company that operates on American soil, soil our armed forces protect so I can exercise my rights. I tried a Kimber at Heritage Guild, Easton. .45cal, 1911. Out of 7 guns that day, including a Berretta, GLOCK .40, Sig P226 the KIMBER was a Cadillac among it's AUDI< BMW< MERCEDES counterparts. It felt REAL, REAL, good. Perfect balance. I want one. SO the question I have: What's your experience with other AMERICAN made .45's because I am buying soon, but as you know, KIMBER aint cheap. Be safe, have fun DUTCH
  5. I CANNOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE. I went into this process last year (first time application for FPID, P2P, Fingerprinting) with only HORROR stories about delays and really unfair treatment. I do believe it was Chief McD at the time, and I received my FPID and 2 x P2P in a little over three weeks. I was so thrilled, and really very satisfied with how smoothly the process went I felt obligated to write a thank you card, but then I got stupid cancer. Now, that being said, I am ready to submit all new paperwork, is the borough police still borough police (31 South, Rita's Ice on 31 North) or did I hear some convoluted rumor our dept merged with Washington Twp (Long Valley, Califon, et al) ? thanks for the welcome on the introductions page MAGNAWING, and thanks for your comment(s).
  6. As the jackass (Eddie Murphy) would say in SHREK: "That is REDONKULOUS" Thank you OAKRIDGEFIREARMS so very much for clarifying the murky depths of NJ gun law/process.
  7. Very nice, thanks all!!! Already posted a question, typical confusion only NJ is capable of bestowing upon it's suckers, I mean, citizens.
  8. glad I found this thread, related to my very discouraged psyche right now. Last year I got a FPID and 2 x P2P, my intention was to purchase a shotgun and a handgun. But I got sick (cancer), P2P's expired, no reason to ask for extensions, cancer more important. Well, now I am really ready to purchase, just need one P2P this time, leaning towards an AMERICAN MADE .45 cal, prob 1911. When I filled out the application, S.T.S 033, I immediately had that "Oh crap" moment. Do they really want me to put references again? I have no problem checking off all the boxes, but as you all know, at the bottom of the form is two lines for references/addresses/etc. Also, do I have to submit another Mental Health Records Search, Form S.P. 66 ? I'm asking these questions because the insanity of all this redundancy makes me feel s if it just can't be true. Thanks for any and all help, newbie here, but look forward to being a regular. PS they cut the cancer out, some radiation, some chemo, and now financially able to buy my dream .45.
  9. Hey everybody, Dutch here. Glad to be on board. Looking forward to great exchanges, learning, and contributing. NOT currently a gun owner, (Have my FID though) been shopping around, subscribed to Guns and Ammo and Handguns magazine to help out with learning/shopping, plus eagerly waiting to take some more NRA classes. Not terribly crazy about the NRA as an association, but def appreciate the training. Basically want a handgun for home defense and occasional range fun. Good to be here!!!
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