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  1. My e-mail said May 22 7am I diddn't read it all at first Sorry Be there tomorrow instead Early.
  2. CNJ sent an e-mail Open - outdoor only. Usual covid precautions Members and family only Bee there today
  3. I've been checking CNJR+P site for days and NOTHING on - reopening. Very disappointed in their lack of info. If rat face says we can open where's the reply to all of us dues paying members? I sent an e-mail when the rat said we could - no reply for days. # 2267 Yeah a member that long. I love my club but someone is asleep at the switch
  4. Yep The lawyers are one of rat boy's biggest bribers. They fight everything to funnel our tax dollars to their bribers.
  5. "According to the article about the issue, the money comes from a federal grant", Oh you mean our Fed tax money LOL. Let's crank up the presses till a loaf of bread is 10$-20$ + Don't matter if the left hand or the right hand is robbing us. It's still.......................us. I'm all for a hand up which this is IMHO - not hand out's If it helps to keep a lid on a potential boiling pot this summer - good.
  6. No. And I have a hard time believing the rat filled ASSembly would do anything for the tax raped citizens benefit. Probably ANOTHER scam by the Norcross insurance family of the democrat mafia to scam more millions. How do you know a NJ democrat is lying? Their lips are moving.
  7. I don't think so. Rat boy sees the backlash on his lock down. Remember he said Till June 1 then with all the people calling for his head, rat boy is folding a bit trying to stave off a rebellion.
  8. NJEA commercials on constantly about their health benefits lately. Union propaganda on how they the ASSembly and rat face murphy are gonna save you money. Wonder how this RICO union will screw us with this one?
  9. Golf and other things open? Our ranges are not? Discrimination. Period File charges here - we do some every day on the traitorous d-rat gangsters. https://www.justice.gov/crt/how-file-complaint
  10. Only volunteering I'd do for that rat faced ****bag is a MY PILLOW application to his face. Actually I'd pay for the pleasure LOL
  11. The daily parade of mini vans with NY plates getting off the GSP for Lakewood continues daily. OC is in deep dodo.
  12. Having a huge supply chain I'm working on a new survival food. Squirrel.
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