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  1. Norcrosses little female doggie LOST. The head RICO rats told swiney STFU as a recount could have screwed rat boy murphy's vote fraud.
  2. What is this "cheap russian ammo" you speak of? What was $180 before 'lets go brandon" and his chicom masters bio attack on the world--- now $520 https://www.sgammo.com/product/wolf-ammo-sale/1000-round-case-762x39-fmj-124-grain-wpa-wolf-ammo-military-classic-made-russ
  3. WheN the drats address the real problem... I'll faiNt on the spot. It is Not guN violeNce Now is it? Go to aNy crime page on aNy site aNd do the math. drats just make excuses for their ruiNed cities of crimiNals Let's go Brandon and his domestic terrorists
  4. Why so much news on this while ignoring the mass murder in d-rat cities continues? Is it because they have to make a white guy out to be the worst? Sorry but no we are not the worst. Why hide this? https://www.foxnews.com/us/chicago-weekend-violence-shooting-victims-murders-alderman-attacked Because most corrupt lying rat news covers for the #1 domestic terrorists of the democrat RICO gang.
  5. Oh swell. More drama queen news from the tri state "happy" weathermen. "CLIMATE CHANGE" The sky is falling according to cory's drama club clowns. They can crybaby along with traitor joe at the Useless Nation's blowfest this week. Me - I'm going swimming like I do every day. I'll bring my surfboard and set a record LOL
  6. I wouldn't piss on a demonRAT traitor if it was on fire in front of me. Family or not. **** the brainwashed morons.
  7. Got the nasty gram I was beating Ez pass on the MC's for years. Just this week I received the warning They must have turned up the scanner strength as I received a e-mail that they will charge extra in the future if the pass don't scan. %$#@ NJ and EZ fleece. Just wait till rat bidens mileage tax kicks in. Meanwhile the ruling elite have government paid cars + insurance WE pay for too.
  8. NJ is DOA The repukes are a joke and the rats have election fraud down to a science GTFO ASAP
  9. The news. Not rat cnn/lsm news but the real news AKA truth. NJ failure is well known. DUH. It's rat ruined states that the rats are bailing out. Y dat? demonrat destruction has destroyed our cities and they have destroyed the state. Crime centers? ALL rat holes. State rating?
  10. We worked our asses off for 45 years since teenagers. 2-3 jobs often. Scraped, sacrificed, saved. We were responsible. So all we get is the bill. We don't get s***. Illegal filth and PRISONEERS do though. Wonder why I hate rats?
  11. First the rats have to GO! Won't happen in NJ as they cater to criminals before legal CITIZENS. This says everything about the 2-faced rats.
  12. Hell I was PRAYING the car would run it over.
  13. All the family ever needed. We're traditionalists. One for fighting - one for feeding.
  14. The market/wall st is betting on Beijing biden to let in millions of new illegals, AKA consumers. The big tech, global corporations are selling the USA out for the $$$$. Once the drat traitors legalize them all........ Kiss it all goodby. IMO
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