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  1. Hoping I can make it. Packing for a free state trip
  2. VOTE! Ya see what happens wher you don't = murphy Send the taxarats a message VOTE MENENDEZ OUT FIRST. Post his corruption everywhere you can Nice pic of the 3 stooges too https://splinternews.com/sticking-with-bob-menendez-was-stupid-pointless-and-d-1826650768
  3. Confused? Guy asked for help in front of 200+ gun owners, got none. And it was at your/our club meeting.. Just one more of many reasons I'm in exit mode.
  4. Thanks - I almost forgot LOL
  5. Jeez almost everything I own has become "retro".
  6. Our law fighter asked for help with the legal stuff he's doing against nazi nj 200+ at club meeting last night, me included sat silent. I e-mail, call the scumbag politicraps attack demonrats anyway I can. BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shame on us.
  7. Anything legal in in NJ is legal in Fla. Not sure about the recent bumpstock crap though. I renewed my CWP permit w/address change in person downtown Tampa at the Agriculture office in 19 minutes. They were great. We own a small place in Clearwater area- It's on the block as it's too crowded and the cancer is spreading. S,St Pete is a dangerous demonrat s***hole as bad as the NJ demonrat plantations. I've traveled up and down with items for 40+ yrs. Always early morning 4-6:30 am. Speed limit adheared to- in the commie states. I enjoyed NJ-mountains -beaches etc.. Demonrats murdered it. There really should be penalties for murder. PS If you do not have a Fl CWP.... Get one - they will send you an application. https://www.freshfromflorida.com/Divisions-Offices/Licensing/Concealed-Weapon-License/Applying-for-a-Concealed-Weapon-License
  8. Any way to screw with dirty bob the pedophile and the demonrats of NJ ? Go for it. 60% didn't vote- fat rat bas***d chrustie the clown sure pissed off everyone good for his pal Norcross. Made you all stay home from the polls in disgust. Wonder what the payof for fatso was- you can BET there's one. Sorry but the fix is in and this state is toast. Laws on the good people - but not on illegal filth and hand slaps on the hardened criminals of the demonrat plantation who's cancer has ruined EVERY ajoining city and town. Cancer unchecked spreads. I fought constantly against the democrap cancer. No more. By thursday we'll be shopping land in S. Georgia/ N. Florida. It will be a NJ firearm owners sanctuary.
  9. Russia is not a real threat. The place is a mess. BS don't win wars and Vlad knows it. BUT Vlad KNOWS he can play the US's dnc stooge media. Proven by the election monkey business. You know - the same election monkey business WE engaged in for decades. How long they been selling you the boogeyman BS?
  10. Yeah but you won't see it on abc nbc cbs msnbs and cnn/dnc circle jerk along with news 12, the libsuck tv arm of the constitution hating Star Ledger commie scumbags. APP, Record, ALL hating the law abiding honest hard working taxpayer...................... Because you do not vote for their demonrat scum buddies.
  11. Yep 3 am leave here and past DC any day of the week before 7 am. The traffic comming north from VA at rush hour is usually 20 miles long.
  12. The punishment of law abiding hard working taxpayers will now commence by the democraps for NJ firearm owners for not voting democrap. GTFO ASAP and screw the democraps by any legal means. blm tatics on trentoon? SHUT IT DOWN I'd be standing on Rt 29 by myself I'm afraid
  13. I don't know, They make it in N Fla. I usually bring back a few jars. I'll ask if they'll share the recipe.
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