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  1. Old school America. Wonder if it would have turn out the same way today?
  2. Move out of state. Cheaper.
  3. Well he is right we all need standard capacity mags not stupid 10 rounders.
  4. And they will make up rules and tell you that it is the law. They then get mad when you call them on it a say show me the law. Try it next time you are there it is fun.
  5. Have you had a home inspector look at it?
  6. Getting a new truck and want to get a cover for the bed. Any recommendations on type and best place in NJ to get one. Want one that will keep the most water out without going to a hard cover. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the heads up patrol will be waiting at the boarder for you.
  8. Because you would create positive pressure in the attic and will force hot air into places like the interior of the house. When you vent out you create negative pressure that will only pull cool air into the house.
  9. Gable vents are usually on each end. With the fan on one you pull air cool air in from the far end and exhaust thru the opposite end. They will lower the attic temp About 20 degrees on average.
  10. I always install gable fans that way they can not leak, runs about $400 for the install.
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