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  1. I'm pretty sure Remington cut most of its manufacturing staff for the summer. If I had to guess I would say this fall. Hopefully a brace model too.
  2. I've been using them for a few years now and they work great. Try to get your hands on a good upholstery stapler to install the Velcro. I was having trouble with staples bending or not going in far enough at first.
  3. I've seen gloves in the bicycle industry that are half finger and padded or gel covered on the palm.
  4. You shouldn't have any issues for carrying in DC if you are covered under H.R. 218. Keep in mind going into a Federal building armed and not on official business is a no go.
  5. As long as there isn't lightning they usually keep running the range.
  6. Advice..... Make an appointment than, sucks but not much else you can do.
  7. Also having some small diamiter pvc pipe to put under the safe and roll it if the going is tight or just to get it in final position. I removed the pallet that came bolted on before I transferred the safe to the hand truck
  8. I don't see why the driver wont bring it up to the garage for especially if it flat and smooth. Its already on a pallet jack so its not much more effort. Offer him a tip if you have to motivate him a little more. I had a safe delivered this year (during a snow storm) and the dispatcher said curb side only. The driver was awesome, he ran it up my driveway along my walk way and dropped it in front of my door. 2 friends and a heavy duty appliance hand truck got it right in.
  9. These past few seasons have had rough weather up north during 6 day, I am looking forward to an October bear hunt.
  10. Cross Breed makes a good quality custom holster that should last you a long time. I have been carrying one for about 4 years now with no issues. Have just recently bought mini tuck too, so far so good.
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