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  1. I think I've settled in a colt xse full size for my first 1911. Which holds up better over time? I've noticed some scratches on the blue in pictures where the slide meets the frame? Does this happen often? I realize it's mostly personal preference but if anyone have some pictures of there 1911s post them up it will help me decide.
  2. I have a glock 19. As far as the length on the revolver it's the performance center model. 8 shots of 357 mag, smooth cylinder, 2.65 length barrel.
  3. Hey guys, Just waiting for my permit. Looking to get my first all metal handgun. I know they are different but curious if anyone has the Smith in south jersey. I'd love to shoot one before I buy. I've wanted a 1911 for a long time, thinking about the colt Xse government. So colt xse or sw 627 pc?
  4. Having a tough time picking between the sig 516 and building my own standard ar15. Any insight
  5. Good afternoon, I was wondering if anyone had this rifle and made it NJ legal? Thoughts on it?
  6. Hello guys new member here. I've been kicking the idea around of building my first ar. I originally wanted a sig 556 but it seems very difficult to find someone would can pin that type of stock in nj, so I've moved on. I do like the idea and cleanliness of a piston system. Anyone have a 516? Worth the money?
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