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  1. It'd be really nice if Bloomberg and his cabal would find themselves enjoying a nice, plunging free-fall off the nearest, highest cliff into a smooth face of bedrock. Really, I cannot see how this world would be much worse off without them.
  2. Hey Plode - you can edit them when you login. I'll explain below. Sure, just tell me in a private message here what your email address is so I can give you permissions to update what you see fit. Once you have permissions, you see new buttons and links next to firearms search results. Sorry about the confusion. Sometimes the activation email goes to spam folders. I know it did in my gmail when I tested things out. Can you check in your spam folder? Also, if you want to edit things, let me know your email in a private message so I can give you permissions to edit, add, etc. I very much appreciate the pro-activity and interest.
  3. Do you mean a search on anything found within the firearm description and it's profile fields? That's a good point, and I think it should be implemented. I'll forward your suggestions to the programming team.
  4. Thanks for the details. Looks like we have some duplicates based on your research, and those profiles haven't had information entered yet. Have a team working on it. Also working on getting the search function more intuitive and friendly. In the meantime, if you feel up to it, you can change the information yourself. You sound like you know what you are talking about with PPKs and PPQs (I don't know the difference right now, other than Bond used a PPK, I think, haha).
  5. Thanks that's helpful, and a good point. I made it so that you can choose "yes", "no", "yes, with stipulations" or "unclear" for a firearm's legality. This way, if a firearm is legal with certain manufactured configurations as you say, you can choose "yes, with stipulations" under the legality column when editing the firearm in question. Example: "Yes, with stipulations: XYZ Gun is legal in Massachusetts if a simple dremel or rivet is used." <== You can include that in the gun profile so it's clear that this gun in this configuration is legal in whatever state it is. Thanks - described a bit above. The site is highly flexible and enables you to enter or change pretty much anything about the firearm. There are more than likely things I've missed in setting it up, but it's pretty comprehensive once you log in and check out what you can do. Thanks. The goal is to get gun-friendly folks like you and I to contribute the reliable, accurate content to the site. The site is like a wiki - can be edited by anyone. As a safeguard, the edits are moderated and users must supply a source that backs up the information they enter. The search behavior - yeah, this is something that has been itching at me to get done. It's really inflexible right now. Programmers are working on getting the search function to have more flexibility and intuition. Thanks for the feedback - all really great points.
  6. I've come across lots of folks on forums, especially those who live in anti-gun states like MA, IL, NJ, NY, etc who ask questions that usually start with "can I own a... " or "is my gun legal in". When I researched these kinds of things on the web, information was scant, disorganized, confusing or non-existent. So, as an avid gun owner and pro-liberty dude, I thought I'd create a site that covers these kinds of questions. Created a site called www.ismygunlegal.com. Has thousands of guns which you can peruse through and edit yourself. Cool thing is you can add guns of your own, edit the ones that are there, and change legalities of firearms in the various states (like a wiki). The site is new and is constantly being updated with new and current information, so not all of the firearms are up to date. There are well over 4,000 firearms to look at and add to. It's a non-commercial site, 100% free and always will be. My question for y'all is - how do you like the site? What would you change about it? What needs improvement? I've purposely made it very spartan - clean, with little or not clutter. Just information on guns. How it should be, IMO. Lemme know what you think. Hope this doesn't count as spam for my first post - thought it would be a helpful link to everybody here, 'specially folks who are unfortunate enough to live in anti-gun states (like myself).
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