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  1. Murphy announced in his press conference today that Outdoor Shooting and Archery Ranges will be re-open this Friday 05/22
  2. I have purchased a few long guns from Tanners too. I was told Stripped lowers are considered an other and if purchased out of state they need to be shipped to an ffl in NJ for transfer. I would rather not pay the transfer and shipping fees, plus I would like to buy local.
  3. Who in NJ has a good selection of stripped lowers? Every place I have looked in NJ seems to only have have one or two. Tanners has quite a few but then I need to transfer to a FFL. thanks
  4. You know your 90 day clock probably started three weeks ago also. I have dealt with Red Lion and most times they were 3-4 weeks old by the time they called me to pick them up.
  5. https://www.njsp.org/firearms/fars.shtml
  6. I think the Rebate is only if your armed forces
  7. I had my first transaction with Jack on Saturday and it could not have been better. I purchased a Kriss Vector CRB. Jack answered all my questions, gave me a great price, and showed me how to break the CRB down and where to lube it when I picked the rifle up. I will definitely be back.
  8. I would be interested in the magazines and some ammo if you break up the package.
  9. they are back again.....this time at $82, still a great deal. I just picked up 3 more.
  10. I had the pleasure of dealing with Mike for the first time on Friday when I picked up my GP100. He's an great guy to deal with and his transfer fees and new gun prices are more than fair. I'm glad he is becoming a vendor on NJGF. I know I will keep him busy in the future.
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