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  1. You can get to the CJ website at CJRPC.NET. Any info you need should be there. There is also a phone. Leave a msg and someone will get back to you.
  2. I know that Cabelas keeps 22lr off the shelves so that gun purchasers can get ammo. At least the new Delaware store does. The smaller shops in NJ usually do not.
  3. CJ also has a training program for anyone interested from basic pistol, rifle and shotgun all the way through instructor.. These courses are taught at the club by certified NRA instructors for a nominal fee. The courses are open to the public. I suggest you don't try to have everyone join a club at first. You should wait until you are sure they are hooked on the sport. No sense in having them spend money only to find they won't use the range. The sugggestion to have them start at matches open to the public is a good one but it might be better that they have handled a gun prior to that. You joining a club and bringing them as guests once or twice prior might be better. You taking the NRA courses and becoming a certified instructor would be better yet.
  4. I look forward to shooting there. Best of luck on the venture.
  5. During this ammo shortage I have heard of some shops charging up to 90.00 for a brick of 22lr. I know that they are looking to make a killing on this and any other ammo in short supply. Will you still go to their shops when prices drop?
  6. All I can say is that I agree they may waste some money at times. I think this has improved with the addition of the last few new board members. I am somewhat friendly with more than one of them and see what is actually being accomplished at the club since I do spend quite a bit of time there. This is the nicest club around and poossibly on the East Coast. The dues for what you get are very reasonable. I for one am seeing many more wives, families and girlfriends than ever before. This is contributing to our sport now and in the future. I am proud to bring guests to the club. The more members there are (about 3600 now) the more maintenance must be done. I know what it costs to run an operation like this from past experience. I really don't see any wrong doing but what I do see are some board members that really care. In any case the suit will prove who is right and who is wrong. I am sure at that time the disgruntled member who started this will hold his head in shame and hopefully be sued for the legal expenses of a frivolous lawsuit so that we the members can get a reimbursment for the treasury.
  7. You can buy all the defferent size plates you want in AR500 from MGM Targets. mgmtargets.com
  8. I can see why. Just look at the mess it leaves behind. I simply hang steel plates from shephard hooks available at Lowes. I heat the ends and bend them around so the steel is facing the shooter. Works great out at the 200 yard line and you don't have to worry if your bullets are impacting the back burm because there is nowhere other than that for them to go from there. This also makes the targets easily portable.
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