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  1. LOL, it's not a matter of money. Weber's top of the line is in the price range, but the quality seems like a step down from what I'm used to. As I said, my current grill still looks new after 15 years, I had to replace the "flavor tamers" after 5 years and replaced the burners "while I was in there," it wasn't until I took the old burners out that I realized they only had a couple flakes of surface rust on 10 lbs of cast iron and had plenty of life left. Another 5 years and another set of flavor tamers, but this time they had stainless ones available so I eliminated the only steel parts in the grill. My ignites stopped working a while ago and yesterday I discovered that the burners I installed in '07 need replacement. I can get the burners but can't find parts for the ignitors. Now I have a choice, new burners and light it with a lighter, New burners and try to do something with "Universal parts" or a new grill. I could probably go little more than a grand, what'should scrap stainless going for. I've got about 120 lbs if I replace this thing.
  2. Last I checked, most Webers included a lot of cast aluminum, but I'll take another look. It's been a while, maybe they've changed.
  3. Looks like I may be in the market for a new grill. I'd like to find something fairly equivalent to the old one, after all, I did get 15 years of year round use out of it with only a few replacement parts every 5 years or so. It still looks like new, but parts for a 15 year old grill are made of unobtanium. Char-broil no longer seems to make a "Professional Series" or anything similar, but it was pretty similar to a Viking when I got it in spring of '02. Requirements include, natural gas and ALL stainless steel construction. No aluminum, steel, etc. Cast iron is acceptable for burners and, maybe, grates. Prefer 3 burners, 4 if it fits in the space. It'd be nice to keep it under a grand if possible. I think I paid about $600 way back when, so I'd hope it hasn't quite doubled yet.
  4. Yup, get a third estimate, throw out the one that's out of line from the other 2. I do this with most things now, but it's something I learned from a roofing contractor that I worked for (for 13-14 years) a long time ago.
  5. My last couple have been beer themed. Porter and Barley
  6. This! And for all their labels, they don't make anything worth drinking.
  7. Where did you get your numbers? A nice shooter is closer to $800 and that includes shipping. The hoops aren't exactly a big deal either, a scan of a NRA basic pistol certificate (or similar) covers the proficiency requirement and there are a multitude of affiliated clubs. Even if you don't belong to any club, just sign up for the GCA, it's $25 and the magazine is worth it. You really can't compare a mosin to an M1, apples and oranges. The SKS is closers, but I'm willing to pay an extra $200-300 for the higher quality, better still, own both and be able to appreciate the difference.
  8. I suspect there are already a number of them (us) there, I just want to find a way to compile the list. I don't believe for a second that the 2 or 3 people Crisco pardons each year are the only ones incarcerated. Back when Shanene Allen was in the news there was a story in my local paper about a truck driver from Texas who was arrested under similar (enough) circumstances, I haven't been able to find anything about it since then. My guess is that he's in a cell somewhere, page 5 of a 12 page monthly doesn't get you a pardon.
  9. Quite a few new entries on Untapped today. Backward Flag's Mil-spec and Bamber Brown, Schlafly's Raspberry Hefeweizen and Kolsch. Sam Adams Berliner Weiss. Magic Hat Zircus Boy and Harpoon's UFO Huckleberry.
  10. My town apparently has an ordinance that outdoor fires are only permitted for cooking. We found that one out years ago when the fire department showed up at a neighbor's house after someone reported smelling smoke. We all keep a bag of marshmallows handy ever since. A few years later I was having a few beers on the patio with friends and noticed a fire truck slowly cruising through the neighborhood. We joked that they were probably looking for us and told them the above anecdote. An hour later I noticed 3 firemen in full gear looking at us from my next door neighbor's back yard. Sure enough, they stopped in to chat. Turns out they'd had a call that someone smelled smoke and drove around trying to find the source. While in the area they got another call for something else and left to respond to it. The original caller called again and complained that they hadn't followed up adequately so they came back again. I had my bag of marshmallows so we all had a good laugh and that was the end of it. Check for local ordinances, you might be surprised with what you find. Stupid laws aren't limited to firearms.
  11. I don't work from home, but my wife does. A few people here mentioned checking with your company to see if they will provide service and that is probably the best bet. When my wife switched to working remotely full time her company arranged to have Comcast drop a second line to the house, install a separate modem/router and sent her a phone. The service is dedicated to her work, supplying both VoIP and VPN, they pay the bill and provide support. She's not using bandwidth from our household service and if it goes down it's not our problem.
  12. I disagree. We'll, not the first sentence, but I can't agree with the second sentence. Christie is making HIS problem go away, but in doing so it makes our problem more permanent. Each pardon is one less reason it fix the real problem, I mean, the laws don't need to be changed if the "law-abiding gun owners who just made a mistake" are getting pardoned, right? We need to get a long list of "law-abiding gun owners" who are sitting in cells and make a stink about the screwed up laws that put them there.
  13. This could work in your favor. Couple years ago Cabela's had a great price on the Gen1 Vortex Strikefire. I figured it was worth it just to check it out, ever if it was obvious that they were clearing out the Gen1 ahead of the incoming Gen2. I got put on backorder and after a month received an email that they were discontinued and my backorder was being canceled, I was also given the option of purchasing the Gen2 for the same price as the canceled backorder. That was pretty good of them, I hope that's still their policy.
  14. My wife brought this up again, looks like the thread she saw is still active. The location is given as "behind Harbor Freight, in the old pet store" (Petsmart). She read me an excerpt, something about it being "a done deal, not just a rumor anymore." As much as I'd like it to be true, I had to point out to her that there's still no way to confirm it, so it's just a rumor that it's not a rumor anymore.
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