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  1. And to think our tax dollars pay these people.....why not just hear it and get it over with either way ?
  2. Yeah the whole earth's axis thing.....
  3. Fair point HE .....
  4. Besides the front serrations they don't look much different to me.
  5. They need to do much more then write an article.
  6. That's their 3rd world record....they sure can shoot
  7. Very true
  8. I did a few years of annual membership then the $500 life member a few years ago because I believed in them and many clubs require membership but now they won't get another red cent out of me.
  9. Once again you nailed it....I feel the same way. They are more concerned with Lapierre's humongous salary then helping the states that actually need them the most.
  10. I doubt they could find out and nobody is going to tell them .....
  11. BA.....and yes many of us have a good Phil story....lol
  12. I'm with you on that also.....I do the exact same
  13. I used to use the birchwood casey choke tube lube but it is messy stuff so I just use grease now.
  14. Good one HE....lol