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  1. tattooo

    Fear Mongering?

    Is this the pilot for The Real house husband's of New Jersey ? [emoji848]
  2. tattooo

    Helllo from Hudson County

  3. tattooo

    Hi from Union County

  4. tattooo

    R.I.P. Bush (#41)

    RIP 41 [emoji631]
  5. tattooo

    New Guy Monmouth County

  6. tattooo

    Hi from Blackwood.

  7. So they are essentially making laws ? Unreal Clients should find funding elsewhere to an institution who deserves it and does not play politics.
  8. tattooo

    Trap and skeet guns

    What a dumb place....you should find an actual 2A range to shoot at.
  9. That is an excellent idea....our shouldn't be in the hands and controlled by anti media companies. NRA has plenty of money to get this type if thing going. Not sure if the magazine is digital but if not it then could be.
  10. Can't get any more tacticool than that
  11. tattooo

    Can we have this??

    I think it is mall ninjaish but people will buy them .... I can see it now " but wait order now and just pay shipping and processing for a second free dumb ass stock holder thing "
  12. tattooo

    Can we have this??

    I don't think there any laws that would prevent us from legally owning them but man, that thing takes the cake of gimmicky products that I see ZERO use for.
  13. tattooo

    Rest In Peace, Stephen Hawking

    Rest in peace
  14. tattooo

    Hello from Monmouth

  15. tattooo

    First lr308 build

    Nice brotha [emoji106][emoji106]
  16. tattooo

    This is COOL!

    Damn that is cool
  17. tattooo

    Hello from Mercer County

  18. tattooo

    John Grocki Passed.

    Rest in peace
  19. tattooo

    Gun lube / coating recommendations?

    I love Hoppes #9 to clean and Mpro 7 to lube....if it ain't broke don't fix it right ?.....
  20. tattooo

    Gun lube / coating recommendations?

    It's like hot sauce....Put that $#!t on everything [emoji106][emoji106]
  21. tattooo

    Gun lube / coating recommendations?

    If you like Rem products try their Dry lube
  22. tattooo

    Any Cigar smokers here?

    Sounds good, keep me posted

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