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  1. Now in order for me to sell you a long gun we have to go to a gun store to do the transaction?
  2. FREE 1/2 bags of #7 1/2 and #9, mostly full bag of #5. Poured ,Lyman .45 and ,38 devastators, .30 rifle bullets. ,45 and .32 round ball. Must take all. Hopatcong NJ
  3. my favorite works well in a 1911.452" 255 Grn. FN Lyman 2-Cav. Mould #452424
  4. I am in Hopatcong. Some of the Lyman molds are from the sixties.
  5. getting rid of all of it $300 22 gas checks,.30 gas checks LEE Pro4 20lb furnace LYMAN BULLET MOLDS .38WC,45ACP SWC,45 DevastatorHP,9mm/38cal DevastatorHP, .311 Rifle, .223 Rifle, mold rebuild kit.3 handles LEE BULLET MOLDS 12ga slug, ooBuck
  6. Hi. Kdevine61 here. From Hopatcong. I am new to this and have some questions about selling reloading gear. Anyone care to help?
  7. Hello from Hopatcong. I just joined and I have some questions about the site. How do I contact the moderator? Thanks for a firearms friendly site.
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