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  1. I have an M1A Socom16 Polymer stock I am looking to sell. I'll take $30
  2. I have a like new Ruger 10/22 Wood Stock with barrel band. I'll take $30
  3. I've heard about the "wandering zero" but I've never had a problem with it so far, but I also haven't used it much. And yes, I am very well aware that it "kicks like a mule" but that's ok. My goal right now is to just put it back the way its supposed to be.
  4. Here it is, you can see it is a real Jungle Carbine, not a copy or a Mark 4. I'm just going to unBubba-ize it.....
  5. Looks like NICS is way behind again. My brother who just did all his paperwork on Wednesday 10/21, was told by the guys in the shop in Warren, it could be Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
  6. I'll take some pics before the end of the weekend
  7. Thanks for the input I am sure that this is a real Jungle Carbine and not a clone or a number 4 that was modified. However, it has been bubba-ized aka sporterized with the furniture. So, I'm going to have a get replacement furniture for it.
  8. Are there any Enfield experts here? I have an Enfield Mark V Mk1 "Jungle Carbine" and years ago my dad replaced the buttstock. And I am looking to put the rifle back all original, and I am trying to find out if the stock for the Mark 4 or the Mark 3 SMLE are the same as the Jungle Carbine thanks
  9. Disregard this post, I found what I was looking to get
  10. I have a question regarding private sales here in the PRNJ. I know since the Murph took office we now have to go to an FFL to perform the transfer of a private sale. However, the question is knowing how slow NICS has been as of late. Does the seller have to wait at the FFL along with buyer until the NICS comes through or can the seller just fill out and sign the form and collect their money from the buyer and leave thus leaving the firearm with the FFL until the NICS is completed? thanks
  11. This was an improvement upon the original Springfield Trapdoor 1873 with a new rear sight. It also has the round-rod bayonet, the front sight blade needs to be replaced but I will do that beforehand. $1000 or best offer Or willing to trade for a Marlin 1895 SBL
  12. I found what I was looking for, please close this thread
  13. Hello all I am looking for a Double Barrel SxS Coach Gun, preferably with exposed hammers in 12gauge. thanks
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