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  1. Welcome from right down the road in Pine Hill.
  2. Welcome from Camden County, although I work around the corner from you.
  3. Cheyenne mountain just started limiting the 300 round CCI 22 to one box per purchase. For $27 and them having it I'm not about to complain, if you want the tactical that is still open to purchase for a similar price. Seems like one of the few places I can find decent, reasonably priced 22 near my house or work.
  4. It's a funny thought to think that my district is broken up between Federal and State districts. They've voted Dem for almost 50 years I think for our Congressman, even after two scandals from Andrews, they still voted for him. Then they ran Norcross, probably the most corrupt, connected family in NJ, and still gave that scumbag about 60% of the vote. Somehow both of our reps on the state side are Republican though, even if I know that they district is broken down differently for those districts. I haven't been too involved with these issues in the past (typical blind ignorance until I started purchasing my own guns), but I can reach out to my reps from District 8 if there is a benefit.
  5. There is a little shop attached to a used car dealer called J & J on the White Horse Pike in Clementon also, maybe 15-20 minutes away. Outside of that, I think Banger's down in Winslow might be the next closest "big" store, but that would be probably a 30 minute ride if I ventured a guess.
  6. I like the way the (assumed) BMW went out of his way to blow that light through the left only lane too. I am oh so shocked to see antics like that from a BMW and Land Rover driver too (insert sarcasm there if you didn't).
  7. Welcome John, I'm down in Pine Hill, but work by Wrightstown, so I'm there every day,
  8. From what I was told by the person spearheading it, they were not opposed to us attempting to put in for it, but they could not extend any endorsement or documentation from management showing approval from them.
  9. Just to follow up, our management nixed the idea of trying a group like this. My guess is they were afraid of "endorsing" something like this as if they were representing the military. So I'm all ears to any ideas or groups that have any ideas, I'm just not sure I feel like wasting my money to get the certain denial.
  10. Just went this morning, came in and out throughout the day before giving up just before 5. Now to try and get my permit extended.
  11. Welcome, Pine Hill here. I have bought most of my guns from Banger's, haven't shot at SJSC yet, but looking to once it warms up a little bit.
  12. Greetings from 15-20 minutes south of you. Welcome to the site.
  13. Hmm, I've been avoiding this place due to the reviews and rep I've heard from people I know. Would be nice since it's pretty close to home/
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