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  1. well that would make sense, but don't forget 90% of politicians don't.
  2. i have sent my check out few weeks ago, but still didn't get cashed, wonder if they got it
  3. k thank you, everything else good? no priming and powder drop die need it?
  4. ok im feeling like im getting somewhere as far as dies, thats whats in my cart would that be it or i need more for hornady lnl stage 1 prep work 1. Lee Universal Decapping and Depriming Die 2. Lee collet neck sizer die 3. Dillon's rapid trim 1200 with rapid trim 1200 die and rt 1200 replacement blade stage 2 loading belive priming and powder drop die comes with LnL? or need that as well? 1. Redding Competition Seater Die 2. Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die or get the Lee Ultimate Die Set? BTW thank you evryone contributing to my project!!!!
  5. crimp is that nessary? doest your bullet seating crimps?
  6. what dies do you guys use? for second stage reloading? (after u resize and deprime)
  7. yes it was a good deal also they change the whole panel to generac one with transfer switch in it, didnt want to hang anything on my house
  8. i am also considering single stage press
  9. what are other choices for accurate resizing?
  10. im just getting in to reloading and have million and one questions lol
  11. the rcbs lube die #1 is decapping unit. probably don't need the whole set of 4, but just in case http://www.dillonprecision.com/#/content/p/9/pid/25244/catid/8/Rapid_Trim_1500___1200_B_Size_Trim_Die
  12. it is very quiet, i heare my 20wk generac from far away
  13. does anyone run a set up like this? wondering if i missed anything?
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