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  1. dezil

    ruger alaskan

    Is it hard to come by .454 factory ammo? I don't plan to reload....how about .45 long colt?
  2. dezil

    ruger alaskan

    Na deer slayer I wish.....I live out in the woods butted up against state land and the woman down the street calls the cops whenever I shoot. I am looking for a place to go....rtsp is beautiful but too far away.....
  3. dezil

    ruger alaskan

    First off I have to say wow some really awesome in for here and I thank all of you. I am a big .45 acp guy ( I own 4 of them ) and the idea that one gun could thoot three different rounds thrilled me. I love my 44......but its a big cumbersome colt anaconda with a 6 in barrel and not very good for backpacking.....and with some of the bears around here I want to make sure I have enough protection if I need it. That's why I liked the Alaskan....big power in a small package....and the idea that I could plink with 45 acp....and pack 45 lc or 454 for really opening up that industrial can of whoop ass if I need to. I am apprehensive about buying a gun chambered in a caliber I've never shot before and was looking for some assurance and I think I found it. Does anyone if the Alaskan will accept 45 acp with the moon clips or is that a myth?
  4. dezil

    ruger alaskan

    Believe me I know its not all woods.....but that's where my house is lol.....how many year wait is it to get into the franklin r&r club these days?
  5. dezil

    ruger alaskan

    Hello all I am new here from the woods of Sussex county. I have been a 44 mag guy for some time and recently found a ruger Alaskan in 45 lc and 454 casul....my question is 1) is the 45lc comparable to a 44 mag in recoil? How much more is the 454? 2) is it possible to shoot 45 acp with moon clips out of that pistol?.....anyone done it?
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