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  1. @asplund01 I sent you a Private Message. Please keep all questions to PM. One case of 9mm SPF to @brucin
  2. I have the following ammo available for sale. Located in Lawrence, Mercer County. I’m available to meet at Kulak Arms or within 25 miles of 08648. MUST show a matching FID card and DL. Not interested in splitting up cases/boxes (please don’t ask for individual boxes) or any trades. Cash only. Please contact me with any questions. Federal XM855CSF 5.56mm 62 grain Green Tip Made by Lake City. 1000 Rounds Loose packed in SEALED case. $700 Lake City XM855 5.56mm 62 grain Green Tip. 500 rounds loose packed in SEALED plastic Ammo case. $350. *SOLD* Federal American Eagle M193 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ. 200 rounds (10 boxes of 20). $140 *SOLD* Federal Syntech AE9SJAP1 150 grain TSJ 9mm. Soft shooting competition level ammo. (1) 500 round case (10 boxes of 50 rounds) - $340. 1 case Available *1 case SOLD* Wolf Polyformance .308 Win 145 grain FMJ steel cased, bimetal bullet. 200 rounds (10 boxes of 20 rounds). $140 **The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale**
  3. Like New Glock 34 Gen 4 MOS Complete Slide. Mounted an RMR on this and fired exactly 50 rounds. All components look like new, and there is still the OEM copper grease in the slide rails. It will come with a new complete set of optic plates from another MOS I own. This has Glock tritium Night sights installed. This goes for $550 new online, I’m asking $375 shipped. I accept PayPal FF, G&S + 4%, and Zelle. Located in Lawrence Twp, Mercer County if local meetup is easier. This listing is cross posted Email is quickest but PM is fine too. I can also include a new Trijicon RMR mounting set for MOS (correct screws and sealing plate) if requested.
  4. Most likely magazines as long as the extractor and chamber/feedramp is reasonably clean and the recoil spring isn’t worn out. Here’s a couple of possibilities straight from Glock Armorers...
  5. Always buy. But then again, that's why you always see me selling things lol
  6. FYI for anyone looking but OpticsPlanet has legit MREs for sale and the 10% 4th of July coupon is still good till midnight tonight. https://www.opticsplanet.com/military-surplus-meals-ready-to-eat-case-inspection-2020.html
  7. The Zev slides are nice and come with RMR cut/plate but are a little pricey at $400ish stripped. From personal experience, don't get the Spartan style slide if you use a Safariland ALS Holster. The cutouts don't play nice with the locking system
  8. I second @High Exposure on the Steiner P4Xi suggestion. It's been going on sale here and there for low $400 recently and is excellent all around. I find I'm just as fast using the red dot reticle for CQB as I am with my Eotechs and the glass is clearer than anything else in its price point. My one suggestion specifically for a Tavor would be potentially getting a 1.93" height scope mount because of the low sight line/bore line.
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