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  1. Always buy. But then again, that's why you always see me selling things lol
  2. FYI for anyone looking but OpticsPlanet has legit MREs for sale and the 10% 4th of July coupon is still good till midnight tonight. https://www.opticsplanet.com/military-surplus-meals-ready-to-eat-case-inspection-2020.html
  3. The Zev slides are nice and come with RMR cut/plate but are a little pricey at $400ish stripped. From personal experience, don't get the Spartan style slide if you use a Safariland ALS Holster. The cutouts don't play nice with the locking system
  4. I second @High Exposure on the Steiner P4Xi suggestion. It's been going on sale here and there for low $400 recently and is excellent all around. I find I'm just as fast using the red dot reticle for CQB as I am with my Eotechs and the glass is clearer than anything else in its price point. My one suggestion specifically for a Tavor would be potentially getting a 1.93" height scope mount because of the low sight line/bore line.