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  1. TheWind

    Glock 43X

    They are cute, but I will stick with my Glock 21 and 30.
  2. TheWind

    AR Fixed Mag

    Therefore a Garand with a magazine is banned, I will stick with my en bloc clips
  3. TheWind

    Are there kits to DIY reduce cap of our Mags?

    Any more of your bases left? I still have 10 AR and 10 AK.
  4. TheWind

    AR Fixed Mag

    BM 59
  5. TheWind

    Survival "Eats..."

    1,100 pounds of wheat, shelves full of FD meat etc. now the work is a 500 Sq. Ft. raised bed garden and over dozen fruit trees planted. It is storage and production. If I can grow 40% of my food a year, I can build my stores up. Learn how to grow and can, the food in stores used to be a week, ten 3 days till empty, now they use JIT, just in time, that will soon change to whenever it gets here
  6. TheWind

    The Ten round mag law

    The laws are merely the Socialists preparing to take over the state. Between them and Rinos, we are , well you know. We need to get smart, local level , county, state levels to reclaim our state and nation. I am an RPO, I do not like that there are differences between us, most of all I know that LEOs, RPOs and civilians are all in the same boat. Socialists want us occupied fighting against each other. I have also heard LEOs and RPOs telling their friends they will hold the 15 round magazines.
  7. I have had many 18 to 20 year olds in on robbery and firearms, get a lowered bail and get a second firearm charge. We even had one put a gun in the face of one of ours off duty...my officer killed him and the community responded trashing him for the poor innocent child he killed.
  8. Now to get them to vote...Murphy had a low turnout elect him
  9. Hey 70GTO, we need more Sgts. like you, we had one caught in the office crying like a little girl, he was upset the LT. was hard on him, he was one of the worst LTs I saw. My dad was a sgt, in WW2, He told me lead from the front and never ask anyone to do wha you can't
  10. In Law Enforcement we have those that make the rules and those of us that do the job. The special ones write P&P to protect the agency and they can blame us. I have been suspended because I did what was right. I saved an inmates life and was yelled at. I violated the rules because the Sgts didn't do their job and I was the only one available in the whole building. There are many like me, we will go the extra mile to protect people we do not know.
  11. TheWind

    How many guns in your CCW rotation do you have?

    I have 8 filed with the NJSP, usually a Glock 30 or 21, sometimes a S&W 6904 or 659, maybe a Hi Power or one of my 1911s
  12. Apples and oranges, those cases are involved with domestic violence and one of a reported burglary. The whole premise is the establishment of a special relationship. If a restraining order created a special relationship you would need to go on a major hiring of police. Also the last case had major issues with the way it was filed, technicalities get many cases dismissed. Domestic cases are a slippery slope. I know of one where a friend was in jail for 17 days, guess what, his alibi was the NJSP. Another one charged with rape, was cleared when the plaintiff's own security cameras cleared him. School officers are in a special relationship as they to protect. If it occurs in front of me, I see or I hear and I have a duty to react. You tell me someone hit you yesterday, it is file a report and investigate.
  13. Now you got it, we all need to read and understand Alinsky....it is the planner for what the socialists are doing.

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