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  1. I'm leaning more towards the Shield but more competition in the single stack 9mm always benefits the consumer. Plus I'd rather carry the G43 over my Walther P-38
  2. Purchased back in 2012, my first and only Glock.
  3. A dram of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban and smoking a La Flora Dominicana 1994.
  4. It's the 116th episode of Seinfeld. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVqBzP0xdKk
  5. Back in the summer of 2013, when I finished my enlistment in the Corps I decided to buy my first revolver to celebrate. The dealer handed me a 686 SSR which I really liked, but he told me to hold off on the purchase and handed me a 627-5 PC. The concept of an N-framed, 5 inch, 8 shot .357 revolver which took moonclips and had a gold partridge sight was an immediate no brainer for me. I tried coming back another day for the 686 SSR, but alas, she was already gone. Still, the 627 is still one of my favorite wheel guns in my collection and both my friends and I often have trouble figuring out if we like this or my 4 inch Colt Python better.
  6. I'd suggest a revolver because failure to grasping an auto loading pistol may cause it to fail to cycle properly.
  7. Nope, unfortunately the magazine is the only non matching part to the gun.
  8. Here's one of my older pistols. The Walther P-38 was a single stack 8 round pistol chambered in 9mm to supplement the more expensive to produce Luger. Originally designed by Walther, during World War II the 3 factories which produced P-38s were Walther, Mauser, and Spreewerk. After the initial run of P-38s, the Germans decided to remove the Walther banner from the P-38 and replace them with secret factory codes. On my particular piece, the letters "AC" and the "359" Waffenamt markings correspond to the Walther factory. To prevent sabotage, the Waffenamt (Germany Army Weapons Agency) inspected and marked many of the components of the pistol before assembly. The presence of all Waffenamt markings and the Reichsadler (imperial eagle over the swastika) suggest that this particular specimen was a GI bring back, since many models captured by Allied armies had their nazi markings defaced (Russian captured P-38s also had their internal components reblued). After World War II, the French temporarily used German machinery to continue producing P-38s. West Germany began producing an alloy frame variant (the P-38 had an all steel frame) designated as the P-1 as a army and police sidearm up until being phased out from the 1990s and finally being retired in 2004. Back in its day, the Walther P-38 was a truly modern pistol, and aside from its European style magazine release, is incredibly similar to the M9 pistols which I carried in the Marines and own today. Features included a loaded chamber indicator and both a field stripping process and DA/SA safety system which the M9 has today. I happened upon this pistol back when I was stationed in California when I was doing a transfer with another individual for a S&W Model 41 (pictured at the bottom). I knew what it was but didn't know how to appraise it, but fortunately the person selling me the Model 41 knew what to look for and urged me to snatch it up before someone else did. I ended up walking out of the store $550 poorer for the pistol.
  9. I haven't had too many problems with the Model 41. I've only run into dud rounds from the Remington gold box value packs, but never any failure to feed or other firearm related malfunction.
  10. They come in both 7 and 5.5 inch slides. I opted for the 7 inch for the longer sight radius and to strengthen my hand for bullseye competition.
  11. For teaching new shooters, the SR-22 is great because it isn't picky on ammo and the small platform is really great with those with smaller hands. But hands down the Model 41 takes the cake and it isn't even remotely close.
  12. Here's a CMP Garand I bought a couple of years ago: Accessories: Initial zero in: Elevation was spot on, just had to shift to the left.
  13. Ruger SR-22: Smith and Wesson Model 17-8 sporting Kim Ahrends tung oil finished moradillo retro square combat grips. Smith and Wesson Model 41
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