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  1. I know this is blasphemy, especially to my ears, but after buying my lefthanded Hill Country rifle in .300 Win, I could have stopped buying rifles after getting this Thompson Center Icon .308 Win. For almost 20 years, this rifle has shot 4-leaf clover groups at 100 yards with Winchester BST ammo. My son has been using it almost exclusively, taking many nice deer and a Red Deer. Topped with a Riton Optics 1 Primal 4-16X50 and still shooting the Ballistic Silver tips, this range day did not disappoint. When my son gets leave from Germany, he'll be ready. After one incident a decade ago (I thought I had zeroed scope, but I hadn't), he will certainly put a few rounds downrange before heading into the field.
  2. I always hated having single-use firearms, so breaking out my .375 H&H was bittersweet. Knowing that I would have to shoot it at the range (discomfort plus ammo cost) before heading to the field gave me a long pause. Since I won't be trekking across continents with it, I have repurposed my .375 H&H as my old new big pig rifle. This rifle was made by Brown Precision over 25 years ago and has excellent accuracy while not being that fun at the range because of its lightweight. It is topped with a Riton Optics, 3 Tactix 1-8X24Brown Precision .375 H&H.
  3. I have the Nikon BLACK Series mount on 1 .308 and .223 AR. Works great. It would sit up to high for a bolt rifle, I tried it on a BERGARA I have and it was just a tad to high. It sounds like you have a good grasp on buying quality products and you should see excellent accuracy. I hope pics and range report will follow? http://i1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd363/bman940/DSC_0962.jpg
  4. Nikon's BDC scopes all allow you to utilize Spot On to dial in your rifle,scope ad ammo. Pretty cool program but like any progrma the results are only as good as the data you enter. I always chronograph my loads and measure scope height to make sure my down range accuracy will be as good as I can get it. The only unknown is how well I will shoot that day.
  5. For shooting 100 yards with your 22lr I would suggest Nikon's PROSTAFF 3-9x40 Rimfire BDC 150. It lets you dial in your rifle scope and ammo using Nikon's Spot On Program to get excellent downrange accuracy. This scope is very similar to your P-223 scope except the rimfire is set for 1/4 inch adjustments at 50 yards and not 100 like your P-223. One of my favorite features of the PROSTAFF scopes besides outstanding light gathering is the fast focus eyepiece for an extra clear picture. Here's a pic of Spot On number's I ran for a guy looking for a scope for 22lr to shoot subsonic ammo. Drop me a note with any questions. hope it expands enough to see all the data you can get from this program. YOu can even change the power setting which in turn changes the BDC yardages. I
  6. Lambo, Check out Nikon's MONARCH 3 2-8x32 BDC scope. Retail is $299 and the low profile will compliment your M400 very nicely and come in under budget. For mounts you might want to take a look at Nikon's P-Series AR Mount. 2 piece's that will give you plenty of flexibility in mounting your scope for a great price. The MONARCH offer's very clear glass, the BDC reticle let's you dial in your rifle scope and ammo plus you have Nikon's No Fault Policy protecting you down the road.
  7. I think you will be very happy with Nikon's M-223 3-12 scope. I have a couple on rifles I use for Nikon PR/Shooting Event's. These scopes have had 1000's of rounds under them over the last 5 years with zero issues. Myself and others have used these scopes to shoot 4 inch jars of Tannerite at 600 yards as well. If you have the BDc reticle you can use Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program to dial in your rifle,scope and ammo for the greatest possible longrange accuracy. The M-223 is built with Nikon's flagship MONARCH glass so I think you will be very happy. The M-223 AR Mount is very stable and easy to use. If your mount has a designation XR it will have 20 MOA built into it. I hope this info helps? Drop me a note if you have any question's. Here's a pic of one of my M-223 3-12 scopes with a Rapid Action Turret. Built around a 55 gr. bullet at 3240 fps.
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